Thursday, March 8, 2007

Why do people like Chelsea and jose?

The blog could also have been like “Why do people hate Chelsea?”, but for many of the so- called "regulars at the EPL", the question is unanswerable, very instinctive, visceral, something that is as trivial vis a' vis the process of breathing itself. Whenever a newcomer(a viewer that is) starts to feel the heat of the premiership, the natural instincts drive his loyalty towards the stronger teams having good players. For me, an Indian by origin, who had all the options to choose from, chose to be a partisan of Manchester United F.C. only because it had the great names like David Beckham,Ruud Van Nistelrooy and the legendry Roy Keane. Manchester United is not a team that was built in a day. ManU like other great teams has a history to be proud of. It took a couple of months for the interest to metamorphose into passion.
The most challenging part vis a' vis managing a football team is to build the team. Manchester United, Arsenal,etc. are already have elite ranked players. The job of managers of the teams who come in place of the relegated teams are perhaps the most difficult. They are not rich clubs. Perhaps their full year’s tranfer budget is less than a week’s wage budget of a rich team like Chelsea. Managing such teams is a challenge. Even teams like ManU and Arsenal have budget restraints.
Ever since Chelsea was bought by Roman Abramovich for 60 million pounds in 2003, the clubs fortune has changed. The club’s gaffer has invested over 300 million dollars and has incurred losses of 100 million dollars to the club. As far as Mr. Abramovich is concerned, it is no more than buying his children peanuts on a hang out. So forget the fact that Jose Mourinho is no businessman. The prodigal gaffer has time n’ time again created new records in the transfer market. The Andriy Shevchenko transfer has topped all EPL records at 30 million pounds. No other manager in the world will pay 30 million pounds for a 29 year old striker. Then again, with Ricardo Carvalho -27 million dollars, Essien- 24 million pounds, etc. and there are records still to be broken. There is nothing in the transfer market that money cannot buy, for everything else there is Mr. Roman Abramovich.
The real fans of football want to watch good football. We want to watch players who have a talent to develop into world class players. But what happens when a talent goes in a team where it is not recognised.Chelsea, undoubtedly, has one of the most deadliest squads in the world. But in the process what it is doing is keeping talented players away from the field. An epitome of the same is Shaun Wright Phillips. One of the main reasons of his exclusion from the England world cup squad is because Sir Sven Goran didnt have enough of his on field performances to look at.
Having the world’s best coaches to teach the world’s best talents, having the world’s best scouts to find the world’s best raw talents.Keeping world class players at every position and for also for the back up positions of the team doesnt test the manager’s skills.All you have to do is let them out in the field and there is always a very low probability that they’ ll loose. Even a ten year old can manage a team like that.
So where does Jose Mourinho come in…??? The prodigal gaffer!!!All in all, for a team like Chelsea,whose wage budget exceeds many team’s transfer budget,it is not the manager but the perennial river Moolah flowing that manages and wins matches.

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nitesh said...

gr8 first post
welcome aboard

but friend too much money leads to downfall also

real madrid is the example , star studded team but last 2 years its barca

and now last 2 days bad for me
barca and arsenal out of UEFA :(

HP said...

Chelsea makes stars, does not take them..

Except for Sheva which was pretty much a Roman acqusition, there have been hardly any players taken into the team so that the star value of the team increases..

About the huge transfer fees, that is similar to what we see in our market. When, we know the other person has a lot of money, then we instinctively hike the rates of the goods :-)

abt your barbs at Jose, well what can one say?

Keeping world class players at every position and for also for the back up positions of the team doesnt test the manager’s skills.All you have to do is let them out in the field and there is always a very low probability that they’ ll loose. Even a ten year old can manage a team like that.

Pretty Insightful, I should say.


paranoic said...

@hp - I tend to be profanic when it comes to Jose but point out the incoherence in the flow. If you have been in the game for two years or so you'll know how a centre forward is different from an attacking midfielder. So after all,if you have enuf money at ur discretion you can make a great team out of it...
Chelsea indeed makes stars...but not the Gaffer because scouting is not a problem. Money buys worldclass scouts and coaches as well.

nitesh said...

agreed to some extent
but not fully
if it had been a star team then why sheva was left out in few games

money buy gud players
with money u can have an awsome team very early
as building a team from scratch as arsenal is trying to do with its young brigade takes time

Annddy said...

Well it seems like a simple formula, but its not quite so easy.If it was quite so simple there would be a lot more people doing the same succesfully.Great example is real madrid. They spent as much if not more and they have not won as much as people expected. Even chelsea with all their money have not won the UEFA cup...

Its the whole package and though i don't like jose personally , he has been the difference between a real madrid and a Chelsea, besides he was brilliant at porto too.All he did at chelsea is try to have 2 world class players at each positin and he had the money to do it... though it was not his technically

As for Sheva if u have been reading your papers u would know that it was not jose who brought him there.

giri said...

zub lund.......tu itna achcha nahi likh sakta hai........bata kahan se tapa more suggestion......put some pix to make the post intersting.......

giri said...

kaun hai bhai ye HP

what sort of comment was that.....dude .......think before you speak......might sound rude, but I am sorry......let me start with the list:

1)Claude Makalele, probably world's best DM was 'choos'ed from Madrid when he was at his prime. Dont tell me he was made at Chelsea.He was bought for 17 million pound.

2)Do I need to say from where he bought Ashley Cole from :(. 20 million pounds. Ashley Cole was made at Chelsea???? gimme a break.

3)Paulo Fereira from porto FC.why? Because Maurinho was with him at porto.

4)Carvalho from porto FC.

5)your goalie.......from some czech club..forgot the name......and if you think that Cech was 'made' at was after his superb performance in Euro 2004......(which we watched at DAKC......remember)........that he came into contention........and because he was a star by then.......only one club could afford him.......

6)Micheal Essien's.........was Lyon's best midfielder when he was 'choos'ed..........

7)Michael Ballack ko to bhool hi gaya....

8)Shaun Wright Philips......omg ...Chelsea have the habit of 'choos'ing( hindi wala choos hai) the best players from the club......

9)Poor old Manu did a lot of search and were about to celebrate Robben's arrival. But, the 'choos'er team offered double the value offerd by ManU.

10 11 12 .........I can keep on going dude.....

so do some will get your answer....

nitesh said...

shabash giri
expert :P

nitesh said...

@ giri
plz no use of slang

paranoic said...

Giri really hates Chelsea....:P
That comment was a blog in itself...

Write that in detail as an addendum to this blog!

Let us enlighten some more..
people following Chelsea are like people listening to Himmesh songs with almost no idea of what they are doing.

HP said...


Sure Sir! I am a dud but I hope you try to understand my comment.
When I say Chelsea does not take stars, I mean that they are not included in the team so that their economical value soars. Case in point when Real Madrid took Beckham, it was for the lucrative Asian market where Becks had alomst a demi-God status, expecially in Japan,Thailand.

By no stretch of imagination, Paulo Fereira, Carvalho are star players.

Well, and before crying abt too much money being splashed, well, in the beginning, only a couple of teams had that money and privilege to do that. Now, since Chelsea too plays that kinda game, everyone's crying foul. Some call it hyporicsy..I will refrain from doing that..

And one of my major grouse with the post was with the para that I had highlighted earlier.


kurt said...


Dude, whtever u say or write abt Jose wont change the fact tht he is the Best in the business. Now, he does have money to his advantage, but look @ other clubs like Liverpool - they also have a star studded team. Just because they are not winning, i would rather say since they are not threating ManU in the title race nobody cares abt wht they are doing.

Just because Chelsea has displaced ManU from EPL for the past two yrs, ppl have started crying foul...

Gimme a break guys...

# Giri
Explain to me Why was Larsson taken into ManU on loan when they already had 4 strikers in their squad. Was Alex scared??