Saturday, March 24, 2007

Apologies to all readers

Sorry to all the readers of this blog. I am feeling sick. I gave you facts gave you nostradamus sayings regarding indian victory in the cup. Related lanka battle with yesterdays match. But all in vain we lost we were thrashed. It pained deep in the heart. All were saying this team is the best and has the maximum chances to win the cup....we lost batted pathetically and bowled like shit and are now out.

I am sorry about all those post, i was also the another indian cricket fan. I apologise for creating the hype

Aftemath i expect :

  • Chappel will fly directly to Australia.
    Dravid has become the worst captain in the cricket history of india.
    Revenue losses to india and icc.
    Set Max will loose money like anything.
    West Indies expect far lesser visitors.
    Now we will see more film stars endorsing the products endorsed by players.
    I don't know now who all will be axed .
  • I expect people will now start looking towards other sports.
  • The same media which made all these players gods will thrash the players.
  • Dhoni I am sure the big land given to you by government will be taken back.

But in the end i see that everything that has happened is good for other sports, now other sports personalities have to rise, though if they perform good they will also be given the stature of demi gods and if cricket team win a match or two in the coming months they will be back at their place because this is india where there is no sports apart from cricket.

Sorry again to readers

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giri said...

aise mat bol bhai........sorry ki kya baat hai sale.......we all hoped......but......anyway.....I have learnt one thing though.......never celebrate too much.......because if you do......then you will cry as much when things dont do your way.....:(

nitesh said...