Friday, January 25, 2008

Gutsy Jumbo

Happiness keeps you Sweet,

Trials keep you Strong,

Sorrow keeps you Human,

Failure keeps you humble and

Success keeps you glowing,

but only Faith & Attitude Keeps you going..

Keep kumble in the above words and you will understand the whole scenario I am trying to tell you. I have seen few guys as determined , gritty as jumbo in my life who with their gutsy efforts have lead from the front by setting examples. No other bowler has won India more matches than him but still he has not got the adulation from the BCCI and even from Indians because we are always captivated by batsmen.

I don't believe in having a single idol for a person as every person has good qualities which one can imbibe and take inspiration from it. Anil's determination always inspires me in believing that nothing is impossible you just need to have faith and attitude. Continuing on the idols reading about Maradona in his autobiography I came to know a lot about him, how he challenged the money savvy FIFA for welfare of football players and his straightforward attitude is what one can learn from i.e if you are true from your heart others will believe you , there may be hard times but eventually victory will be yours. I have never seen a calmer player than Roger Federer , have you ever seen a tensed Federer ? I have not , this tells us how down to earth he is and what can be achieved by remaining calm in difficult times, not be being excessively arrogant like the cry babies aussies. Federer lost today in the semis after very long time we will not see him in any grand slam final.

I am big fan of arsenal manager Wenger his ability in investing less money in buying big shot players and spotting the talented players early when they are kids , its all awesome. There are many more in the line like Lance Armstrong he is in same class as jumbo determined , it was his sheer self belief that took him to winning Tour De France many times.

Coming back to kumble one can never forget the Antigua test where jumbo bowled with a fractured jaw and if i am not wrong took Lara's wicket. This was the day when cricket as game won and whole world became fan of the jumbo.

Kumble Bowling averages

Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10
Tests 124 223 38682 17319 603 10/74 14/149 28.72 2.68 64.1 31 35 8
ODIs 271 265 14496 10412 337 6/12 6/12 30.89 4.30 43.0 8 2 0
First-class 235
64631 28258 1115 10/74
25.34 2.62 57.9
72 19
List A 380
20247 14178 514 6/12 6/12 27.58 4.20 39.3 14 3 0
Twenty20 2 2 47 46 4 2/20 2/20 11.50 5.87 11.7 0 0 0

I hope the Adelaide pitch will turn tomorrow and kumble and bhajji will stear India to another great victory down under. We all are saying a great change in the way Indian tail is batting nowadays, with sachin gone at 360 odd runs nobody would have expected the score to cross 500 but kudos to bhajji, kumble and Ishant for fine display of batting. Dhoni learn something from them please you cannot do chappu type batting everywhere.

I feel that with this golden generation of India slowly fading this great Indian Australian rivalry may also end as I don't see any player of such high quality to match these 5 wise men ( sachin, ganguly, dravid, laxman and kumble).

Lets hope India win this match.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Cheaters now questioning our sports-man spirit

After I read the jubilating decision of India canceling the tour I was browsing the Australian News sites for their reactions. As expected they are biased praising the great cheater called punter. But now being afraid of the money losses the cheaters have proposed peace talks ......... oho so now you are afraid of the losses :)

I was very happy reading the news . I feel this is a great moment for Sharad Powar as whole of India is emotional now, a aggressive move will catapult Powar to great heights portraying him as the caretaker of great Indian sentiments. Had dalmiya been here the decision would have been taken long ago , but still powar has a chance to show the cheaters clout of Indian cricket.

I have been thinking since morning how could the cheat leader - punter sleep in the night after winning in such a way. May be they are morons , inspirited and above all they are cry babies ( read by wasim akram )

I have been getting lots of forwards since morning a funny one I would like to share

Procter:Did you call Symonds as Monkey?
Bhajji: No,I called a monkey as Symonds.
Procter:So you did
Bhajji : (Silence)
Procter : How dare,you insulted a monkey.You are banned for 3 matches.
Bhajji : Sad
Ponting& Co : !!???
Ponting : hey,Symonds.What he said?
Symonds : What ever,he is banned.You can bat well next game.
Ponting : No,Anil is also there,ask him whether he can ban him also.
Symonds : We’ll see in next match,if he takes your wicket,we’ll complain.
Ponting: Then ok. Come

I request to all of you
Vote for Indian Team on Australian site: (select NO)
Got to the link -,,5007133-5032443,00.html

Another poll in Sydney Morning Herald i would like to tell you the results

What do you think of the monkey sledging controversy?
It's not a racist insult - 11%
He should not have said it, but then again he should not have been suspended - 8%
Australia has long used sledging. They can dish it out, but can't take it - 40%
It is a racist slur and it's right that he has been suspended - 13%
It was wrong, but Ponting should have just let it stay on the field - 13%
Any player who resorts to racist insults should cop a very severe penalty - 12%
Sledging is part of cricket, especially at the Test level - 3%

Total Votes: 18855

Here is India media roundup in Australian media - Read

My cubicles white board in office are filled with hate words now for the cheaters and the man whom i dont want to name as he will sue me for calling him a monkey. Cry Baby . Read what the monkey noises dreamer is saying now.

Now this one for the highly biased commentator, brother of the man who ruined Indian cricket last year i.e Ian Chappel . Sir you said that this wrong decision is evened out during a particular phase say 10-20 years , you said when you were playing great WI team used to get lot of favours , i dont know about this but i know one thing the WI were always popular winners they never won by cheating as you Australians do.

Now the biggest sledger Glen Mcrath aka Pigeon has come and supported the integrity of Ponting , ohh common who are you to say that the whole world know how u sledged, have you forgotten the sarvan incident , you saying nice words to jayasurya. Dont go off the limits .. you are coming to India very excitedly to earn a hoopla of money, you dont know what Indian public can do.

Lot of stuff I want to write , feeling helpless like never before , lets hope the cheaters are taught a solid lesson this time.

Now I am feeling happy , after pouring some words :)

Go India Go
Go Bcci Go
Teach the Cheaters a Lesson
Benson be thrown to benson & hedges factory ( as raja said)
Bucknow be thrown back the WI
Punter bhajji will get you out again next time

We are proud of our Team and Australians have portrayed their culture and ethos , their habit of bein cry babies , being pathetic loosers ......... but you better learn this now because the Indians will now be defeating you and the whole world because we are coming in billions not in millions with our youth and energy . Hail the new young agressive India.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kudos to the great Australians Cheaters

Yes this is what -' cheaters ' from now now onwards the Australians will be know as at least by me, I don't care about what others think of this. Cricketers, politicians or other big personalities representating their country, actually portray the ethos and culture of a nation and the kangaroos cricket team portrayed the great cheating culture the continent called Australia.

We all know what the kangaroos and the white coats sleeping duffers did at the 5th day of the test match at Sydney. I have always been saying that Australians are not popular champions and they will never ever be, when they start loosing they start to behave like mad psychotic mens... how can we loose..... we have to win by hook or by crook ....... we are the champions .......... we will win by cheating if we cannot win on merit.

That's what goes in their minds , they are out of their minds and now who comes to help them in this dire straits ... no one but the white coat suited men ............ the match referee ............. the ICC which has now become like United Nations ( UN is kid of US and ICC is kid of Australia). What should i write about the umpiring bloopers, i have no words to write because if a mistake is done 1-2 times then we can think it as a human error but Bucknor is not human being now, he is a biased man and what about the other great umpire who did another wonder today.
That fella asked the player if he had taken the catch cleanly of Saurav Ganguly who was playing like good old days and the great inspirited Punter raised his finger saying that he is out , and the day dreamer umpire gave out. What the hell ........... how can a umpire ask a player and that too an Australian who the whole world knows are cheaters in cricket atleast. Another questions is why should another Clarke (future captain follower of punter in cheating) be trusted to tell if he had taken the catch when he stayed at the crease on day four after edging a ball to first slip?

Ohh now I understood the point when Australians are batting they want the umpires to decide if the catch has been taken or if there is edge or not but when some other team is batting they so called truthfulness be trusted :)

Watch the bloopers and cheating of Australians

Hats off to the comment by Kumble
"Only one team was playing with the spirit of the game"

We are proud of you kumble but let me say in hindi
"संस्कारों के बोझ तले दबने का वक्त गया , कंगारोऊ को उन्ही की भाषा में समझाना पड़ेगा "
sanskaro ke bojh tale dabne ka waqt gaya, kangaroos ko unhi ki bhasha mein sambhjhana padega

Time has come to spit fire with fire if they show us their nice little english vocabulary, show them the vast hindi , punjabi , telegu or any in other language vocabulary. I am sure ours vocab is very stronger then theirs.

Now lets talk about the man who even in his dreams for the past few months like himself being called "Monkey" , while sleeping or playing or talking to any Indian player he thinks he is being called "Monkey". Bhaji is charged with saying racial comments on the man I don't want to name, he is not worth mentioning. The hearing went on today for 6 hours and the conclusion which was expected will be against us .... bhaji is fined for 3 test match.

Now why this saga started because bhaji is troubling the cheaters the most, the Punter the person with least integrity in the australian team whose wicket has been taken 3 out of 4 times in the ongoing test series was facing trouble a lot, so they planned the bowler be charged with some abuse and be kept out to prevent more of his trouble.... This time who came to help them the great Proctor because umpires have denied that they heard anything racial like stuff but proctor and ICC came to help them here and fined the bhaji.
Now what is our BCCI doing............ they have sent a letter to the ICC complaining against the decision. Would you believe this a letter not even a mail ............ very fast BCCI great going
What we did in the hearing was we complained about the kiddy spinner hogg .... where we you earlier Indian team .... sleeping ..... no but perhaps again our great culture forbade you to complaint against him.

What can we do now

BCCI can show their clout but I have no faith in them because the decision making body is of some politicians who cant do their work properly what will they do about cricket.
Tour be cancelled- my angered emotions are saying for it , but its a rare possibility

4-0 whitewash we can expect now with match at Perth coming and team must be morally down because they lost due to cheating not by their own mistake. But dont worry guys we did last time alsto their 16 match winning streak we can do this time also, team be changed Jaffer be dropped and Yuvraj be given some more time to romance with Deepika as he is not able to concentrate nowadays. Sresanth I am missing you in Australia, had you been there the monkey abuse must have been charged against you, I am sure.
BCCI do something they come to india and kept on complaining this and that and now in their home they are again cheating........... what the hell are you for.

Now for you Australians what ever you do what ever you say ... you are earning because of us Indians are watching cricket, our companies are sponsors , we have the richest mismanaged board, you are all eager to join the IPL ... .. request to the franchise bidders please dont bid for players like Punter and Clarke and the man who dreams himself being called monkey monkey again because this time it would be reality.

I have written in no order just written my angered emotions here. :(

Now for the other writers on this blog who are very busy making softwares for multinationals companies, is your passion for cricket or sports dead that you cant write something?

Read More
Integral Punter

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Idiots in White Coats

Yes I am talking about the highly biased Steve Bucknor who has a beautiful past against the Indians giving wrong decisions regularly. There can be only one reason why all the 3 men Mark Benson and Bruce Oxenford and the great growing old Steve Bucknor could give wrong reason , perhaps the 31st night hangover is still there.

How can a third umpire give a wrong decision, what the hell was he sleeping or dreaming. Frankly speaking this is not the time for gentleman cricket everybody plays to win when there is so much at stake and such idiotic decisions costs a lot.

Yuvraj showed some disrespect and he was fined, to hell with ICC flawed rules , for giving such wrong decisions the umpire should be fined for his match fee and suspended for next few matches just like it happens in football .

Human makes a mistake once or twice but bucknor is not human now he intentionally gives wrong decisions against the Indians.

And again today morning Jaffer was given out on a no-ball, how can you be sleeping early morning.

Just one suggestion to you umpires think twice before coming to India, because cricket is a religion in India and when you try to play with religious sentiments of the cricket crazy nation you can understand what happens.

One more point which keep on coming in my mind is why in Australia maximum wrong decisions happens perhaps the umpires are afraid of Aussies , you guys might be world champions but you are cheaters that is for sure , how without shame Symonds accepted - ya I was out .
2-3 months back umpire gave sangakara out for 192 and Australia won the match , had he not been given out may be Sri Lanka could have romped home.

Now BCCI is saying it will protest what will happen through protest... nothing... what a shame for us a cricket crazy nation and no umpire in elite panel and BCCI talks of player welfare and its academies its a associations of politicians just working on filling their coffers.

Give three-four appealing rights against an umpire decision to a team per innings , otherwise one simple solution throw the 2 gentlemen in the third umpire box and give decision from there but that is not possible and sounds bad also :)