Thursday, January 3, 2008

Idiots in White Coats

Yes I am talking about the highly biased Steve Bucknor who has a beautiful past against the Indians giving wrong decisions regularly. There can be only one reason why all the 3 men Mark Benson and Bruce Oxenford and the great growing old Steve Bucknor could give wrong reason , perhaps the 31st night hangover is still there.

How can a third umpire give a wrong decision, what the hell was he sleeping or dreaming. Frankly speaking this is not the time for gentleman cricket everybody plays to win when there is so much at stake and such idiotic decisions costs a lot.

Yuvraj showed some disrespect and he was fined, to hell with ICC flawed rules , for giving such wrong decisions the umpire should be fined for his match fee and suspended for next few matches just like it happens in football .

Human makes a mistake once or twice but bucknor is not human now he intentionally gives wrong decisions against the Indians.

And again today morning Jaffer was given out on a no-ball, how can you be sleeping early morning.

Just one suggestion to you umpires think twice before coming to India, because cricket is a religion in India and when you try to play with religious sentiments of the cricket crazy nation you can understand what happens.

One more point which keep on coming in my mind is why in Australia maximum wrong decisions happens perhaps the umpires are afraid of Aussies , you guys might be world champions but you are cheaters that is for sure , how without shame Symonds accepted - ya I was out .
2-3 months back umpire gave sangakara out for 192 and Australia won the match , had he not been given out may be Sri Lanka could have romped home.

Now BCCI is saying it will protest what will happen through protest... nothing... what a shame for us a cricket crazy nation and no umpire in elite panel and BCCI talks of player welfare and its academies its a associations of politicians just working on filling their coffers.

Give three-four appealing rights against an umpire decision to a team per innings , otherwise one simple solution throw the 2 gentlemen in the third umpire box and give decision from there but that is not possible and sounds bad also :)

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