Sunday, April 13, 2008

IPL - Delhi Daredevils : yeh delhi ki team hai boss

This is the first team I would be writing about as I stay in NCR so my first support team, others being Mohali because of my roots and Kolkatta Knight Riders because of the branding rule of first in business as their team was first in everything be it website or advertising.

Owner : GMR group
Sponsors: Daredevils have been successful in roping in few sponsors
  • Hero Honda is the title sponsor
  • Relegare is the associate sponsor
  • Adidas the merchandise sponsor
  • Akshay Kumar the brand ambassador
Official Website:
Websites of all the IPL teams all slow, I think they have made these not keeping in mind that broadband in India means 256kbps not 1MBps. My sify broadband take a lot of time in loading the website.

You Tube Channel:



I wasn't able to find any anthem song on the website or on youtube. Here is the video of team composition.

Lots of small small ads are on air one is of dentist and patient. Dentist belong to mumbai indians and patient supports daredevils. These ads are great and are able to leave a mark into the minds of viewers and are helping in building a brand.

Team looks to me very balanced neither too old neither too young mix of experience and youth. I expect it to give tough fight and finish in top 4 in the tournament.

Watchout yeh delhi ki team hai boss :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

IPL : Cricket Ka KarmYudh

IPL the league format of twenty20 is going to start from 18th April. In the series of posts I will be covering about first IPL facts more or less related to marketing and advertising, after this I will cover each of the 8 teams.

So starting with IPL

Sponsors for the first 5 years
  • DLF (Main Sponsor) $50 million
  • Hero Honda(Associate Sponsor) $22.5 million
  • Pepsi (Beverage) $12.5 million
  • Kingfisher Airlines (Umpire Partner) $26.5 million
Official Website

It has finally come up and its
There is another website but it doesn't contain much information.

Official Song : "Cricket ka Karmyudh"
The song has been on air for quite a long time now and I have started to love it as its music is somewhat different type

Lyrics goes as

Aankhen uunchi kar dekh sikhar
Hathiyar utha tu dikha hunar

Mutthi mein hai teri hai taqat
Dushman ki ayee hai aafat

Tu laga dao, tu laga pench
Tu dekha jigar,tu dikha tez

Lakhon dhadkan ki jaan hai tu
Lakhon ke dil ki shan hai tu

Tu laga zor, tu macha sor
Ek mahaveer santan hai tu

Na deshyudh, na dharmayudh
Yeh hai dharti par karmayudh

Full Schedule Season-1

This is the new ad air and its worth watching

"kab aayega inka baap"

I agree with what adoholik says , since all the stars are associated with one team or the other the 100 crore earmarked for advertising is being used affectively and creativity is not compromised.

This was all about IPL publicity, sponsors, schedule and website details etc.
Teams coming soon :)