Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sharjah revived : Thankyou Sachin

Its a special day for cricket we have gained some and lost some, we as Indians got a victory in odi series in Australia which no one would have given a chance one month ago. Memories of Sharjah were revived by God of cricket 'Sachin' and we lost two special players of cricket Gilly and Brad Hogg.

Big day really indeed !!!

I consider myself lucky to born in era when Sachin is playing because there are only two Gods of cricket Bradman and Sachin , Bradman was long ago in era of my grandfather, Sachin is present and reality.
Sachin produced another classy of his innings , I had a intuition 2-3 days ago regarding Sachin hitting two centuries in the final. His critics who criticize him just to gain publicity were going over the head and saying hell lot of things about him.

And one cannot keep rain gods quiet in the season of moonson, rain is bound to come in the season and it flooded in form of classy shots from Sachin in past three matches.

Though the innings were not as fast as those in Sharjah when he hit back to back centuries and won the cup for India single handily. Today we watched some awesome straight drives which I missed in the last innings , drives were as elegant as always. He inspired this young side without these two special innings we could never have won, not denying the efforts of whole of the team.

All watched how the team faltered when he fell scoring only 51 runs in the last 10 overs but main work was already and we were able to defend the score not easily but somehow.

Another memorable moment of the match was the over of Bhajji in which two of his best friends Symonds and Hayden got out and the match turned from here just like in the last match. You cannot miss Bhajji in a match he is such a guy who will make his presence felt automatically.
The way he danced and enjoyed after India won the match showed all his anger and frustration, hats of to Bhajji who channelized his anger and emotional outbursts in a right direction i.e. towards winning the CB series for India and he did that wonderfully.

This match became the last match of Gilly and Hogg. We are so used to Gilly standing behind the stumps, I dont know how the replacement Brad Haddin will be able to fill the big boots of expectations. I also dont know who is another spinner in after Hogg as Mcgill is also in his late 30's.

Thankyou Gilly for innovating the way of quick fast batting in ODI's. You carried forward the trend started by the SriLankan legend . You will be remembered by the Indians specially as a player who stood out for his sportsman spirit and honesty. You were playing with some players who reputation as honest players is always at doubt, you were the initiators of trend of leaving the crease when out even before umpire raising his finger, which is very difficult for any one to do so.
As my friend desi has said you and Lee are the only players who are respected by most of the Indians.

We will miss you Gilly.

Kudos to the young Indian team, now the time is right to make a pool of 25-30 players and use them judiciously and groom them under the mentorship of 5 stalwarts of Indian cricket Sachin, Dravid, Ganguly, Kumble and Laxman.

And do you guys notice some thing strange in India cricket .. a competition for a bowling place, we now have Zaheer, Ishant, Praveen, Pathan , Sreesant, RP Singh , Munaf , Agarkar. Superb!!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Indian Cricket League Season-2 : Don't forget it in the haze of IPL

Yes I mean it , under the aegis of one of my all time favorite Kapil Dev ICL is slowly and gradually doing its work. Within a year it has expanded its horizon as i expected in my earlier post to Pakistan and plans for teams from Colombo and Dhaka are on. Two more teams Ahmedabad Rockets and Lahore Badshahs are added to the earlier existing six teams.

It will be fun to watch the Lahore team lead by Inzy bhai playing in salwar kameez. Another great news of this edition of Twenty20 is that the tournament is being played at three venues Panchkula, Gurgaon and Hyderabad despite regular attempts by afraid BCCI. Apart from Zee Sports , Ten Sports will also be covering the event which will enhance the reach of tournament.

Lots of stalwarts have been added into the growing list of players. Some of the new players are Shane Bond, Adam Parore, Sami, Mustaq Ahmed, Murray Goodwin, Saqlain Mushtaq and many more. These players will surely add zing to the competition.

Under the financial pressure of BCCI many cricket boards have banned the players who have opted for ICL, but criticism for this ban is also rising. Player union boss Tim May has warned of court action against cricket administrators who are banning player for participating in ICL.

I dont know why my heart wants ICL to succeed may be because IPL according to me a money churner, though ICL motive is also to earn money after some time but now they are investing to do something good that is "give a few extra indians a chance".

May be you will find this logic illogical but i want it to succeed.

IPL please get a site atleast, ohh got it you must have requested for a tender of some crores for interesting parties to run the site. I am waiting to see how IPL will spread cricket how it will improve the standard of stadias and coaching techniques. I doubt the BCCI .....and will always doubt it ...... .

Now lets wait for ICL Grand Championships