Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sports Updates

I would define the later half of the july as dull period for sports, one big event was the awesome European F1. I saw for the first time race being red flagged all due to the rain gods which are angry on whole of the world of sports it seems specially in Europe, England is reeling under floods first it was Wimbledon now its India-England Test Series.

But off the fields there is lot of happenings going on.

Talking about Football : Pre season tours of EPL teams are in the last stages ManU , Liverpool all came down to South East Asia and China for expanding the EPL and may be money for pre season team builds up. All thanks to the professionalism of EPL organizers who have expanded the popularity of EPL to almost whole of Asia and now its have become profitable to be compared to American NBA and NHL leagues, EPL is far ahead in terms of viewership.

Transfers is in full flow with last 2-3 days left. Tevez saga has not yet been cleared if he stays in WestHam he will be joined by another Arsenal great Freddie Ljungberg who has left Arsenal another big exit after Henry. Mourinho is trying to avoid Robben from going to Real Madrid, Kaka has made it clear that he will remain in AC Milan.

Manchester city has been brought by ex Thailand Premier Shinowatra and has pumped in 100 million dollars to Sven Erricson new manager for transfer. Big money spending is done by almost all the teams in the EPL.

Beckham made his lackluster debut in LA-Galaxy against Chelsea, he is injured and will miss the initial 2-3 matches of LA, Giri can give more updates on the Beckham from US.

In the AFC whole of Iraq has been united by its splendid performance in the competition , it has reached the finals and will face Saudi Arabia. Big teams of Asia Japan, Korea have been kicked out, even Australia has not felt that its not easy playing football in Asia as the team studded will players who play in EPL also couldn't do anything.

Indian football is also trying to improve its game, team is touring Portugal and is playing matches against League 3/2, thanks to fine display by bhutia it has won 2 matches also.

Moving over to India's religion Cricket:

Star Cricket, they are saying they have reached 75% of ESPN-Star Sports coverage, i don't know how, my cable wala is not showing it. Its not in half of haryana and many parts of UP. Cable guy said they are demanding 8 Lakhs, he said its not worth spending for test matches only as the ODI's will come on DD1 itself. Great :)

India's famed line failed again in Lords, dk has already written about that. In second test bowlers have performed well despite of rain England is on backfoot at 167/7 .

Off the field ICL is slowly bulding up. Lara is coming Warne and McGrath are also expected to join. Sportscenter rumors say Fleming has also been offered a lucrative deal to join. With the league being run by ex-players and professionals not by unknowledgable politicians in case of BCCI we can expect it to promote cricket and provide good players for Indian cricket. Some of the lashings players are also expected to join. If planned properly i feel the T20 T20 format can become very popular and we can expect like county and even like WI, T20 leagues.

T20 world cup has been launched in SA. The 13-day event will have 12 nations compete in 27 matches for one trophy. It starts from September 11 with matches being played in Johannesburg, Capetown and Durban. I am looking forward to the cup as my interest in 50 overs format is at all time low. Music, cheer boys and girls it will be all exciting. To the top of the excitement India has been placed with Pakistan in group D, other team being Scotland. Australia are in Group B along with England and Zimbabe, while hosts South Africa have been teamed up with West Indies and Bangladesh in Group A. New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Kenya constitute Group C. India play Pakistan on September 14.


Mclarean is cleared of all the charges of stealing Ferrari's documents, there will be no punishment and points deductions.

18 race calender for 2008 has been announced by FIA with two new entrants Singapore and Valencia and there will be no race in USA.

Last race was awesome though i couldn't watch the whole race, Hamilton was without points for the first time, ups and downs do happen to all. Alonso showed why he is still the best when he overcame Massa with only few laps remaining.

Kartikeyan chances of driving again for spyker were dealt a blow when Sakon Yamamoto was signed by spyker, money is the only reason seems to me as he has given around 33 crores rupees to driver the Spyker car and spyker needs money badly.

In other sports Tour De France has become Dope De France, doping has again affected the event, I reckon the event to be the toughest in the world, cycling association should take some stringent measures to stop the doping saga affecting the event every year. If Armstrong can do it 7 times without doping (though charges were also raised against him but not proved) why can't others do it.

In tennis hard court season has begun Sania is participating in tier 3/4 events and performing well. Great ..... Do you see any chances of here getting into top 10 in coming year ????

In other sports political news IOA is fighting with sports ministry over some sports policy which the ministry is framing to encourage the sports. IOA is complaining that ignoring it is unethical. Well to me the policy will not do anything IOA supremo Kalmadi who has been at the helm for the past 2 decades has done nothing and with meagre 500 crores sports budget the ministry expect to win golds!!!!! hahahhahhaha. We hire cheap coaches and many are not upto the marks , we compare ourselves to china LOL china spends millions and millions in sports and you will see China pipping USA handsomely in 2008 Olympics.

Comments expected!!!!

I have written about 4-5 sports so a small check of interest of readers

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

But It Rained...

My intense disbelief in Hindu mythology dies on many last days of Indian test matches. 23rd July 2007 was one of those days when I sit quiet praying Lord Indra. 47 years and 19 days after John Sturges came up with his classic version, protagonist Mahendra Singh Dhoni scripted 'The Great Escape' version II as India denied England victory in the first test here (i mean there) at Lord's, to most of my pleasure. And when I say India denies them, I am referring to the rain god Indra.

Before the start of this series I (optimistically) believed that rookie Englishmen will find it difficult to get the visually impenetrable Indian batting order. And you know what happened; I became a derisory element yet again. And Very Celebrated but never published non fiction called The great Indian Overseas Tragedies get yet another chapter. It's such a heavy book now that BCCI has taken up a new office to manage the space required to keep it.

In the midst of the entire hullabaloo about THE post of Indian coach, we are left stranded to find answer to basic questions regarding implementation of ground skills. But, I will not stop myself from praising RP Singh. He is promising, and I personally feel that he is an element to be nurtured for future. And one reason India failed to dominate in this test is the lack of the Kumble effect. Happens, we are all human!

RP was in great touch, and KP was in even better. Wow! Amazed by his awesome bating, I felt a little distress as he was taking the match away from the clutches of the lusterless Indian bowling attack. Still, his batting was the only advertise-able part of this test match.

Now let’s go to the next match and hope for an Indian victory. Indian fans are grim followers, try moving their optimism, it’s considered to be a great challenge, greater than getting their demi-gods out.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Arsene Wenger - A True Genius

Many might not be completely convinced with the genius of Wenger. But I am ,so and I shall try to convince you. If you look at the club,Arsenal has failed to land any silverware for the last two years and lost Henry to Barca.Realistically it looks Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool will fight it out for the Premiership title with the money they are putting in. But for me the most beautiful team continues to be the fourth-placed Arsenal. It is so interesting how Arsene Wenger continues to surprise and create teams of interest and beauty when spending so little in the transfer market in relation to the other three?

The defense which did not concede a goal on route to the Champions Leaque 2005-06 final cost Arsenal less than £5m to assemble. The purchase of Nicolas Anelka cost £500,000 and his subsequent sale to Real Madrid just two years later for £22.3m. The money was used to buy three players Henry ,Pires and Wiltord who all played a significant role in the Double of 2001-02 and the league title win of 2003-04.From the year 1996-2007 has any club grown
at such rate ? I am not talking about chelsea (grown inorganically by means of a Russian Billionaire) .This is where in the genius of Wenger lies.

When I looked upon for Wenger in the wikepedia,I found that he had an economics degree, guess his Economics degree is helping him out all the way. What an inspiration to anyone who's thinking of going into management and wasn't a huge star as a footballer.I guess Wenger in this transfer season along with Da Silva will continue to assemble a mixture of young talent from different nationalities. The Arsenal board deserves high praise as they have allowed him to build the club his own way.

Generation one might be over under Arsene Wenger with the departure of Henry.Now Generation2 is on rise and beware (Manu and Chelsea) Wenger is going to get the titles soon.

Hail Arsene Wenger
Long Live Arsenal!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sports Movies

W ith the ever babbling desi giving a new twist to the pen the game with first movie review. I have gone into the miracle mode after installing NHL on my laptop, Fifa, NFSMW and cricket are already there :) . Meanwhile you all vote for your favorite sports movie.

Read about Miracle and Chariots of Fire below

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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Torres moves to Anfield

Benitiz's three years at Liverpool have been full of signings, the shopping bills more than any other manager in Liverpool history. The items in shopping bag have been little more than exciting and their performances have not been the same either. Especially Liverpool I have always felt has been into a de-glammed shopping mode which obviously produces less excitement than buying stars. Finally it seems to have made the right choice by picking up Fernando Torres from Athletico Madrid with a 20 Million pounds price tag.

Torres is undoubtedly the best of Spanish next-gen lot. Last year ManUtd had a chance to catch hold of this guy but talks failed to materialize. Although I am happy that he chose Liverpool as this makes EPL a more level playing field, Liverpool for sure needs to rise above the Steven Gerrard influence and have more players other than him running the game. Players like Crouch and Kyut have shown promise but nothing more than that. Winning EPL requires a year long performance which Liverpool has failed to deliver.

Torres sure has the potential to be Liverpool great like Alan Hansen or Gerrard what he will require is a great team support. Good that after Henry going to LA Liga EPL finally has something to compensate for him, but I am sure he will be lot more than a mere compensation, putting my money on Torres to be the Bestest Player in the coming years.

Torres gives hope to Liverpool Fans, and he for sure will never walk alone now.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Do you believe in miracles? YES!

Miracle is based on true story about the United States men's hockey team, led by head coach, Herb Brooks, that won the gold medal in the 1980 Winter Olympics. The USA team's victory over the heavily favored Soviet team in the medal round was dubbed the Miracle on Ice.

Movie begins with scenes depicting the cold war era of late 60's and 70's. The oil shortage and long gasoline lines. The disgraced President Nixon. The embattled President Carter. The Russians invading Afghanistan, Armstrong landing on the moon. Then we see coach Brooks played by Kurt Russel getting ready for the interview to become the coach of the USA's ice hockey team. He says the Americans would have to change their style of playing and adapt to a mix style of Canadians and Russians. Despite the fact that the Olympic Committee seem very skeptical of his ambitious goal, Brooks is hired.

Brooks meets his assistant coach Craig Patrick at the tryouts in Colorado Springs, they were their to select the preliminary rooster of 26 players later to be cut to 20 only. Brooks selection totally differs from the Olympic committee members and even his assistant coach's.
Brooks argues when his assistant coach says you are missing some of the best players:
"I'm not looking for the best players, I'm looking for the right ones."

He manages to convince Walter Bush, the executive director of the committee that he has the best interests at heart. Brooks says that he selected these 26 players through preparation in advance, talking with coaches and scouts about the players. Bush sides with Brooks and agrees to take the heat from the committee, saying, "I'll back you up on this one."

Then begins the long process of making the team, binding the bunch of 26 individuals into a family. Brooks tells his assistant coach that he should be near to his team .i.e more attached to his team, every move of Brooks has a motive.
He tells to his team about the 45 second drill
Red line, back. Blue line, back. Far blue line, back. Far red line, back. And you have 45 seconds to do it. Get used to this drill. You'll be doing it *a lot*. Why? Because the legs feed the wolf, gentlemen. I can't promise you we'll be the best team at Lake Placid next February. But we will be the best conditioned. That I can promise you.
He then calls for introductions, in which each player states his name, his hometown, and for whom he plays.
One such talk.....
Herb Brooks: What's your name?
Mark Johnson: Mark Johnson.
Herb Brooks: Where you from, Mark?
Mark Johnson: Madison, Wisconsin.
Herb Brooks: Who do you play for?
Mark Johnson: University of Wisconsin, Coach.

Still the team has not become a team.

Meanwhile in the family of Herb, there is small fight with his wife regarding his unassailable dream of beating the mighty unbeatable Russians. He says to his wife this is his dream and without her support this victory w

During an exhibition game against the Norwegian National Team in Oslo that ends in a 3-3 tie, Brooks notices the players are distracted and not playing up to their potential. Many of them are talking about the girls sitting in the stadium.
After the game even before the stadium has emptied he starts the 45 second drill known as herbies as punishment for their lack of effort.

Herb Brooks: 1. Again.
[whistle blows]

This goes on for hours, in between he through to them various
think you can win on talent alone
gentlemen you don't have enough talent to win on talent alone
Herb Brooks: 1. Again.
[whistle blows]

Herb Brooks: When you pull on that jersey, the name on the front is a hell of alot more important than the one on the back.
Herb Brooks: 1. Again.
[whistle blows]

win loose or tie you gonna play like champions

Brooks continues the brutal drill; several players are on the verge of collapse; Doc Nagobads gets angry and accuses Brooks of sabotaging his players but Brooks wouldn't listen. Finally exhausted forward Mike Eruzione shouts.

Mike Eruzione: Mike Eruzione! Winthrop, Massachusettes!
Herb Brooks: Who do you play for?
Mike Eruzione: I play for the United States of America!

This is one of the best moment of the movie.

Brooks concludes the drill. Assistant coach gives a smile as he now have understood the reason behind the drill, in fact he gives such smiles many times whenever Brooks uses his unconventional style.

The team has become team now.

Brooks also brings in Tim Harrer, a star from Brooks' University of Minnesota team, to test the players commitment. Despite having a good year playing with his current team, the University of Minnesota, some feel Harrer is an obstacle to them making the final roster, but mainly he didn't fit within their "family".

The team plays the Soviets in an exhibition game at Madison Square Garden. The Russians manhandle the young American team, winning by a score of 10-3. During the game, O'Callahan receives an injury that could keep him out of the entire Olympics, and starting goaltender Jim Craig is told he may be benched in favor of back-up goalie Steve Janaszak. Craig ends up retaining his starting job.

As the Olympic tournament begins, the Americans trail Sweden 2-1 in the first game, Brooks fire up the team by accusing injured McClanahan

Herb Brooks: This is unbelievable. You guys are playing like this is some throw away game up in Rochester. Who we playing Rammer?
Mike Ramsey: Sweden.
Herb Brooks: Yeah. You're damn right Sweden! In the Olympics!
[Turns to McClanahan]
Herb Brooks: What the hell is wrong with you? Put your gear on!
Herb Brooks: I said put your gear on!
Rob McClanahan: Doc told me I can't play.
Herb Brooks: Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. You got a bad bruise. You know what put youre street clothes on because I got no time for quitters!
Mike Eruzione: Come on Herb! No body is quitting here!
Herb Brooks: You worry about your own game. Plenty there to keep you busy.
Herb Brooks: A bruise on the leg is a hell of a long way from the heart, candy ass.
Rob McClanahan: What'd you call me?
Herb Brooks: You heard me!
Rob McClanahan: You want me to play huh? Is that what you want?
Herb Brooks: I want you to be a hockey player!
Herb Brooks: [walking out of the locker room with McClanahan still screaming] That'll get him going.
Craig Patrick: O yeah. I'll clean up!

McClanahan ends up playing despite his pain, and the inspired American team came through as Bill Baker scores a goal in the final minute for a dramatic 2-2 tie. They follow that up with a 7-3 win over heavily favored Czechoslovakia, then victories over Romania and West Germany to earn a spot in the medal round.

Then comes the big one clash with the Russians in the semis, battled is tilted highly in favor of Russians who are unbeatable in the last 16 years in olympics. Before the game Brooks gives the team an inspirational speech in which he tells them.

Herb Brooks: Great moments... are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here, tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight. One game. If we played 'em ten times, they might win nine. But not this game. Not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can! Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It's over. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Soviets have. Screw 'em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it.

I would not tell you about the match you need to watch the movie to feel it. The match has huge emotions attached with it, in the late 70's when Russia and USA are fighting the cold war this is of huge significance, Americans are loosing hope and this match would give them hope that they are the best in the world. You can only feel the emotions attached to the match only after watching the movie.

Crowd: USA, USA, USA.

Feel the need to watch the movie

[last lines]
Herb Brooks: [voiceover] Two days later the miracle was made complete.

This movie is about coach Brook only, it inspires me ... everything is possible if you have believe in yourself.

Movie ends with song Dream On Dream On .......................................
you will like you have to do something big in this world, remember everything is possible

anyone coming up with Lagaan desi..


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