Thursday, July 5, 2007

Torres moves to Anfield

Benitiz's three years at Liverpool have been full of signings, the shopping bills more than any other manager in Liverpool history. The items in shopping bag have been little more than exciting and their performances have not been the same either. Especially Liverpool I have always felt has been into a de-glammed shopping mode which obviously produces less excitement than buying stars. Finally it seems to have made the right choice by picking up Fernando Torres from Athletico Madrid with a 20 Million pounds price tag.

Torres is undoubtedly the best of Spanish next-gen lot. Last year ManUtd had a chance to catch hold of this guy but talks failed to materialize. Although I am happy that he chose Liverpool as this makes EPL a more level playing field, Liverpool for sure needs to rise above the Steven Gerrard influence and have more players other than him running the game. Players like Crouch and Kyut have shown promise but nothing more than that. Winning EPL requires a year long performance which Liverpool has failed to deliver.

Torres sure has the potential to be Liverpool great like Alan Hansen or Gerrard what he will require is a great team support. Good that after Henry going to LA Liga EPL finally has something to compensate for him, but I am sure he will be lot more than a mere compensation, putting my money on Torres to be the Bestest Player in the coming years.

Torres gives hope to Liverpool Fans, and he for sure will never walk alone now.

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