Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sports Updates

I would define the later half of the july as dull period for sports, one big event was the awesome European F1. I saw for the first time race being red flagged all due to the rain gods which are angry on whole of the world of sports it seems specially in Europe, England is reeling under floods first it was Wimbledon now its India-England Test Series.

But off the fields there is lot of happenings going on.

Talking about Football : Pre season tours of EPL teams are in the last stages ManU , Liverpool all came down to South East Asia and China for expanding the EPL and may be money for pre season team builds up. All thanks to the professionalism of EPL organizers who have expanded the popularity of EPL to almost whole of Asia and now its have become profitable to be compared to American NBA and NHL leagues, EPL is far ahead in terms of viewership.

Transfers is in full flow with last 2-3 days left. Tevez saga has not yet been cleared if he stays in WestHam he will be joined by another Arsenal great Freddie Ljungberg who has left Arsenal another big exit after Henry. Mourinho is trying to avoid Robben from going to Real Madrid, Kaka has made it clear that he will remain in AC Milan.

Manchester city has been brought by ex Thailand Premier Shinowatra and has pumped in 100 million dollars to Sven Erricson new manager for transfer. Big money spending is done by almost all the teams in the EPL.

Beckham made his lackluster debut in LA-Galaxy against Chelsea, he is injured and will miss the initial 2-3 matches of LA, Giri can give more updates on the Beckham from US.

In the AFC whole of Iraq has been united by its splendid performance in the competition , it has reached the finals and will face Saudi Arabia. Big teams of Asia Japan, Korea have been kicked out, even Australia has not felt that its not easy playing football in Asia as the team studded will players who play in EPL also couldn't do anything.

Indian football is also trying to improve its game, team is touring Portugal and is playing matches against League 3/2, thanks to fine display by bhutia it has won 2 matches also.

Moving over to India's religion Cricket:

Star Cricket, they are saying they have reached 75% of ESPN-Star Sports coverage, i don't know how, my cable wala is not showing it. Its not in half of haryana and many parts of UP. Cable guy said they are demanding 8 Lakhs, he said its not worth spending for test matches only as the ODI's will come on DD1 itself. Great :)

India's famed line failed again in Lords, dk has already written about that. In second test bowlers have performed well despite of rain England is on backfoot at 167/7 .

Off the field ICL is slowly bulding up. Lara is coming Warne and McGrath are also expected to join. Sportscenter rumors say Fleming has also been offered a lucrative deal to join. With the league being run by ex-players and professionals not by unknowledgable politicians in case of BCCI we can expect it to promote cricket and provide good players for Indian cricket. Some of the lashings players are also expected to join. If planned properly i feel the T20 T20 format can become very popular and we can expect like county and even like WI, T20 leagues.

T20 world cup has been launched in SA. The 13-day event will have 12 nations compete in 27 matches for one trophy. It starts from September 11 with matches being played in Johannesburg, Capetown and Durban. I am looking forward to the cup as my interest in 50 overs format is at all time low. Music, cheer boys and girls it will be all exciting. To the top of the excitement India has been placed with Pakistan in group D, other team being Scotland. Australia are in Group B along with England and Zimbabe, while hosts South Africa have been teamed up with West Indies and Bangladesh in Group A. New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Kenya constitute Group C. India play Pakistan on September 14.


Mclarean is cleared of all the charges of stealing Ferrari's documents, there will be no punishment and points deductions.

18 race calender for 2008 has been announced by FIA with two new entrants Singapore and Valencia and there will be no race in USA.

Last race was awesome though i couldn't watch the whole race, Hamilton was without points for the first time, ups and downs do happen to all. Alonso showed why he is still the best when he overcame Massa with only few laps remaining.

Kartikeyan chances of driving again for spyker were dealt a blow when Sakon Yamamoto was signed by spyker, money is the only reason seems to me as he has given around 33 crores rupees to driver the Spyker car and spyker needs money badly.

In other sports Tour De France has become Dope De France, doping has again affected the event, I reckon the event to be the toughest in the world, cycling association should take some stringent measures to stop the doping saga affecting the event every year. If Armstrong can do it 7 times without doping (though charges were also raised against him but not proved) why can't others do it.

In tennis hard court season has begun Sania is participating in tier 3/4 events and performing well. Great ..... Do you see any chances of here getting into top 10 in coming year ????

In other sports political news IOA is fighting with sports ministry over some sports policy which the ministry is framing to encourage the sports. IOA is complaining that ignoring it is unethical. Well to me the policy will not do anything IOA supremo Kalmadi who has been at the helm for the past 2 decades has done nothing and with meagre 500 crores sports budget the ministry expect to win golds!!!!! hahahhahhaha. We hire cheap coaches and many are not upto the marks , we compare ourselves to china LOL china spends millions and millions in sports and you will see China pipping USA handsomely in 2008 Olympics.

Comments expected!!!!

I have written about 4-5 sports so a small check of interest of readers

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abhi said...

hey hey hey! luthra,
it seems that u have a mity fan following.
anyways...well written capturing all essence.
India is on top at Trent Bridge, though i will give credit to Water God than any of the sides as Dravid put England in on a affected pitch after winning the toss. Hope it rains again today.

nitesh said...

fan following ????
i couldn't get that

that above scrap is a spam not any fan :(