Saturday, July 21, 2007

Arsene Wenger - A True Genius

Many might not be completely convinced with the genius of Wenger. But I am ,so and I shall try to convince you. If you look at the club,Arsenal has failed to land any silverware for the last two years and lost Henry to Barca.Realistically it looks Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool will fight it out for the Premiership title with the money they are putting in. But for me the most beautiful team continues to be the fourth-placed Arsenal. It is so interesting how Arsene Wenger continues to surprise and create teams of interest and beauty when spending so little in the transfer market in relation to the other three?

The defense which did not concede a goal on route to the Champions Leaque 2005-06 final cost Arsenal less than £5m to assemble. The purchase of Nicolas Anelka cost £500,000 and his subsequent sale to Real Madrid just two years later for £22.3m. The money was used to buy three players Henry ,Pires and Wiltord who all played a significant role in the Double of 2001-02 and the league title win of 2003-04.From the year 1996-2007 has any club grown
at such rate ? I am not talking about chelsea (grown inorganically by means of a Russian Billionaire) .This is where in the genius of Wenger lies.

When I looked upon for Wenger in the wikepedia,I found that he had an economics degree, guess his Economics degree is helping him out all the way. What an inspiration to anyone who's thinking of going into management and wasn't a huge star as a footballer.I guess Wenger in this transfer season along with Da Silva will continue to assemble a mixture of young talent from different nationalities. The Arsenal board deserves high praise as they have allowed him to build the club his own way.

Generation one might be over under Arsene Wenger with the departure of Henry.Now Generation2 is on rise and beware (Manu and Chelsea) Wenger is going to get the titles soon.

Hail Arsene Wenger
Long Live Arsenal!!


Anonymous said...

If Arsenal is into making money it seems rational to praise Mr.Wenger. However, by footballing terms they are below par their standards. And i dont see them doing well this season too.

giri said...

there are 2 kinds of teams.......
1) which want to win at any cost.....they are prepared to put in any amount of money.....ready to play ultra-boring ultra-defensive......
2)and then there is Arsenal

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