Friday, January 25, 2008

Gutsy Jumbo

Happiness keeps you Sweet,

Trials keep you Strong,

Sorrow keeps you Human,

Failure keeps you humble and

Success keeps you glowing,

but only Faith & Attitude Keeps you going..

Keep kumble in the above words and you will understand the whole scenario I am trying to tell you. I have seen few guys as determined , gritty as jumbo in my life who with their gutsy efforts have lead from the front by setting examples. No other bowler has won India more matches than him but still he has not got the adulation from the BCCI and even from Indians because we are always captivated by batsmen.

I don't believe in having a single idol for a person as every person has good qualities which one can imbibe and take inspiration from it. Anil's determination always inspires me in believing that nothing is impossible you just need to have faith and attitude. Continuing on the idols reading about Maradona in his autobiography I came to know a lot about him, how he challenged the money savvy FIFA for welfare of football players and his straightforward attitude is what one can learn from i.e if you are true from your heart others will believe you , there may be hard times but eventually victory will be yours. I have never seen a calmer player than Roger Federer , have you ever seen a tensed Federer ? I have not , this tells us how down to earth he is and what can be achieved by remaining calm in difficult times, not be being excessively arrogant like the cry babies aussies. Federer lost today in the semis after very long time we will not see him in any grand slam final.

I am big fan of arsenal manager Wenger his ability in investing less money in buying big shot players and spotting the talented players early when they are kids , its all awesome. There are many more in the line like Lance Armstrong he is in same class as jumbo determined , it was his sheer self belief that took him to winning Tour De France many times.

Coming back to kumble one can never forget the Antigua test where jumbo bowled with a fractured jaw and if i am not wrong took Lara's wicket. This was the day when cricket as game won and whole world became fan of the jumbo.

Kumble Bowling averages

Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10
Tests 124 223 38682 17319 603 10/74 14/149 28.72 2.68 64.1 31 35 8
ODIs 271 265 14496 10412 337 6/12 6/12 30.89 4.30 43.0 8 2 0
First-class 235
64631 28258 1115 10/74
25.34 2.62 57.9
72 19
List A 380
20247 14178 514 6/12 6/12 27.58 4.20 39.3 14 3 0
Twenty20 2 2 47 46 4 2/20 2/20 11.50 5.87 11.7 0 0 0

I hope the Adelaide pitch will turn tomorrow and kumble and bhajji will stear India to another great victory down under. We all are saying a great change in the way Indian tail is batting nowadays, with sachin gone at 360 odd runs nobody would have expected the score to cross 500 but kudos to bhajji, kumble and Ishant for fine display of batting. Dhoni learn something from them please you cannot do chappu type batting everywhere.

I feel that with this golden generation of India slowly fading this great Indian Australian rivalry may also end as I don't see any player of such high quality to match these 5 wise men ( sachin, ganguly, dravid, laxman and kumble).

Lets hope India win this match.

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