Friday, February 29, 2008

Formula One : Lets get into Zooom Vroom mode

The year of night Formula One, once again it will be proved how genius a man is. Getting a race at 350Km/hr speed beamed live whole over the world in night will be a jewel in the crown of F1. To me it is the second most awaited event in the year after Beijing Olympics. Few days back I read somewhere almost all the hotels have been booked for the September event and tickets will are also expected to be sold in frenzy.
Valencia the other new circuit will take the street racing to three races the other two being the lovely Monaco and Singapore.

Last year it was a two way battle between McLaren and Ferrari . BMW also showed some fight. So what we can expect in 2008.

  • With Alonso coming back to Renault , expecting a fight back by Renault
  • McLaren and Ferrari coming out strongly as expected
  • Hamilton winning the 2008 season
  • Rookies Sebastien Bourdais, Nelson Piquet Jnr, Kazuki Nakajima bringing in more energy and passion to the game.
  • BMW making it a 4 way battle
  • More eyes watching the zooming cars as Formula one travels to new lands of Singapore and Valencia
  • More Indians watching Formula because of India team Force India
  • With qualifying time of first round increased to 20 and the third round decreased to 10, it will make the qualifying more exciting
  • Now some very rare chances Force India scoring a point or two.
  • I want Toyota and Honda to come good as in last year despite spending around $400 million they were pathetic.
  • Overall according to me F1 will touch new heights and will start moving out of its traditional base of Europe as more Asians will be gluing their eyes to the beautiful race of F1

Get Set Go :)

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