Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hope......No Better Medicine

[02:32 IST] Munnaf Patel swings his bat , connects well but unfortunately finds Chaminda Vaas at the deep square leg boundary and One more world Cup dream comes to an end. World Cup about which we spent thousands of man-hours discussing the reasons why we should win it, sometimes based on cricketing merits, sometimes forming chain of coincidences. We even manipulated Nostradamus predictions in our favor. So now since we are no more in fray, off course barring Bermuda giving Sachin Tendulkar early birthday present by beating Bangladesh, the topic of discussion deviating just a little bit, why we couldn’t win the World Cup and whom to blame for this pathetic performance. Just browsing through Infosys Bulletin Board, which more often than not gives you the general trend of thinking, we can get lots of probable candidate, few on expected lines like captain Dravid, coach Chappel, Tendulkar, Ganguly, Agarkar, and nearly every player involved in last night defeat, some out of the blue thinkers blame Indira Gandhi for creating Bangladesh and few of the atheist pointed fingers even towards lord Rama for why not including Sri-Lanka in Indian territory after defeating Ravana in Ramayana.

After going through all those stuff and having digested the fact that yes we are done and dusted, I have got a very strange kind of feeling. Last night first reaction was to blame
someone, be it captain , coach or any other player, the best way to get your frustration out. Then as the morning dawns I start thinking why to blames the players, they are ones who have suffered the most, not only the thoughts of reaction back home , defeat is always painful. It creates a deep wound in our heart which keeps aching for a very long time. So then what next , whom to blame, people of India for expecting too much from our cricket team. In a country so diverse as ours, where probably only Cricket and war unites people how can we blame those poor souls who treat Cricket as a religion and cricketers as demi-Gods.

After much contemplation i conclude no need to play this blame game, then what the hell to do , where is the problem , are we born losers , who are always second handed person . are we so meek that we cant handle pressure , or probably we don’t take things in right perspective .

I don’t really know where and what really is the actual problem but for me it’s something which is the deadly mixture of all the above stuff. What’s the solution then, if any, again I don’t know, but I have learnt two thing from life “Learn to let it go of the Past” and never lose Hope as Andy Dufresne said to Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding in Shashwank Redemption :
Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”
So Forget this world Cup, and starts thinking about the next one, maybe only maybe, next time it will be our Time.

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