Wednesday, March 7, 2007

USACA Suspended from ICC

Few days back Giri posted a nice article on the professionalism of americans in cricket. I was hoping that if this sort of professionalism continues we will soon be watching USA playing cricket with the test playing nations. I was dreaming of USA winning the 2016 20Twenty WC.

But my hopes were dashed when i read that International Cricket Council (ICC) has suspended the United States of America Cricket Association (USACA). USACA was suspended for its failure to meet the deadlines for adoption of its constitution and holding of elections.

Malcolm Speed, the ICC Chief Executive, said that the USA's suspension
"occurs at a time when many objective observers strongly believe that the game in the USA is sufficiently strong to warrant USA being included in the ICC Cricket World Cup which commences this month"
which emphasises the frustration many must feel in the USA.

This is a big jolt to the ICC's hope of entering the big market of USA . There were even news of staging a tournament between India and Australia but that couldn't be solemenized as there is no stadium of international standards in USA.

USACA will now not receive the annual ICC grant that was expected on April 15 and will be withdrawn from the World Cricket League Division 3 Series to be held in Darwin, Australia in May and relegated from that division. WI cricket board has been appointed to monitor the progress of the game and request a suitable time for the removal of the ban

"The ICC hopes this measure will serve to focus minds within cricketing circles in the USA, that sense will prevail and that all those with the good of the game at heart will come together and take control of this unfortunate situation."
I hope for the growth of Cricket ban on USACA will be lifted soon

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Vinod Shankar said...

Its sad that it had to come to this but there was no other alternative. The USACA has been grossly mismanaged. We need the ICC to send ppl to take over. There are over 20,000 cricketers in this country and a reasonable amount of talent. If the right team is selected, there is no way any of the associate members would beat the USA cricket team.