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Cricket Fans::Protests & Media:: Hooh Haah

Yesterday I couldn't watch TV in the morning since i had to get my bike serviced. Watched in the evening as saw in every news channel showing news of cricket fans disparaging the indian cricket team. Some were burning the posters carrying out mock death march, shouting slogans to axe chappel and dravid even sachin and other seniors players.

Channels were showing sms of so called ardent cricket fans in their ticker areas. They were like whole team should be axed, sachin should retire remove chappell , they keep on selling products and don't play well blah blah.

I have just two words for these so called ardent cricket fans.

Bull Shit

Here are my arguments.........

What are you trying to proove by carrying out pathetic mock death march , burning effigies. You guys are not cricket fans. Because those who have played cricket and understand the game are cricket fans , they will not do like this. To me you are those guys who invested money in betting or want to come in news as our third class news channels who don't have anything else to show they will cover you and you will in prime time news.

People were saying cricketers just do ads. You tell me one thing? We will retire at the age of 58-60 and average cricket player retire at 36-36 years. From where will he get the money to life after that. If they are getting the oportunity to earn why they shouldn't earn, will you give them the money to live after 35???? Tell
And to you all angry fans.
They shoot ads only once and what is their mistake if the company shows the ad daily and you get angry.

Shouts of axing the senior players!!!!!
Ohh you are saying axe sachin axe dravid..
Are you nuts!!!!
Who will replace these, do we have players to replace these best crickets. Where is the transition system , is it in place so that we will not go into a loop when the real time will come when these will retire.
Who is to blame ??
Earning money and distributing it to states branches to get votes this is what BCCI does. We want some accountability from you , lets have quarterly results like funda where we will come to know where is bcci is spending the money.

Who is to blame!!!
All the news channels were carrying out the programmes "villian kaun: humko sms kijiye aur bataye kaun hai bharat ki haar ka villian"
To me its the team not a single player , why should dravid bear the burden only and axing will not solve the problem. And please stop making a hoo halla over the chappel interview after the match in which he said he is accountable to BCCI , I am not sure about this because i have not heard of this and we all know how our media twists the news :)

Giri rightly commented in my previous post never raise the expectations very high because when you fail it pains and who raised the expectations ......... media.

Solutions:: By News channels.
Today morning all the news channels were giving solutions to this problem. Times now has given its 10 point solution which consists of sacking chappell and dravid , yuvraj as captain. One solution i liked the most was
Stop Commercialization of the game ( isnt it sound funny)
(ulta chor kotwal ko daante)
Who all are commertialization the game , who want to earn more from the cricket.... Media
When cricket sells in India why should any businessmen not invest in it and try to earn the money. CNN-IBN has given the pathetic solution of installing sachin as captain , they are saying this as rumours from the inner circles of bcci.
And I have become a big big fan of Siddhu....... How good he speaks and gives examples... He was in 2 news channels yesterday one in Aap Ki Adalat and other in NDTV news channels. He raised very valid points and I have agreed to all his points and have written these above. Sorry I don't watch channel Ads Tak ohh its Aaj Tak because for obvious reasons.

You think only we felt the pain. Players are without any emotions. They also felt the pains, their pain was bigger then ours. RESPECT THAT PAIN ALSO

And please so called fans of Indian cricket stop giving your shittiest complaints:
I was awake late night , i wasted my weekend in watching the match
I invested so much money in going to West Indies and boooh baaaah this
In the end i get this

Shut your mouth
Who told to you to invest so much money , to not sleep in the night.................
Stop this shit...... you are not true cricket fans

Every one's heart is broken. In the poll in our blog we got 44 saying yes that India will qualify to next round compared to 17 saying no. It happens many times remember its a game.
To one thing I agree to all of you regarding the way we lost the game, we should have shown some passion/energy.

I hope the readers of this blog are true fans and not behave like immature fans of the Indian cricket.

Write your emotions !!!!!!!!

P.s I am not justifying the failure ......... they are bloody losers

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Anonymous said...

Dravid should remain captain.
Ganguly and Tendulkar should be sacked, and Dravid should be given new team of his choice.
SG and ST think they are bigger than the team, and don't respect Rahul as captain.

Neoriz said...

Nitesh, your passionate outcry is just that... a "Passionate Outcry".
You should reevaluate your arguments... and here is why:
1. Playing cricket has got nothing to do with knowing the game. Your claims that only those who play cricket understand the game is fallacious. Followers of a game know it as much as the players do. If that was not the case, there wouldn't be any audience for any of the games but those who played. A game becomes popular only when people start understanding it and appreciate the challenges involved. It's only that they want to experience a victory through their extended alter egos, which are cricket players. And a country that has played cricket for nearly 100 years, the argument that they can fail at times is still buy-able if they perform consistently otherwise. You are forgetting that our cricket team hasn't shown any consistency in ages now. The focus is not on whether the players know the game and the challenges involved, but that they are chosen to use their skils to get laurels to the country which they consistently fail to achieve. That shows a lack of passion in the players. Their hardwork and talent is very well accepted, but their lack of passion is not acceptable. This was not just another tournament. It was The World Cup.
2. I agree with your point that the agitators use extreme measures to take out their frustrations which is not a good practice. They are wrong, nobody deserves to get hurt physically in the process. However, burning effigies is something I do support for because the players should know what they do to the emotions of an entire nation by not performing at critical occasions. If you are sympathetic about the fans and angry about the protesters then there is another section that you need to be concerned about. People who lost their lives at the young ages of 30 and 45, because they couldn't bear the shock of loss. They suffered cardiac arrests! And who do you think is responsible for that?
3. About endorsements, the fact that everyone deserves to earn money is fair enough if ours was a capitalist nation but it is not. Perhaps you aren't aware that all the Indian Cricketers or other sports personnel are offered position in government departments. And they do get pension too after retirement. So the old age money problems for them are infact far lesser than an average Indian who spends his precious money on cable channels, dish tv installations, buying t-shirts and other accessories, taking days off from work without pay, traveling world over to wave indian flag to boost indian players morale. How come you never talk about all this? After doing so much to support our team we do expect results to be delivered.

You are apparently an aficionado with an Idol Worship mindset because to you it doesn't occur that the whole nation goes through a defacement whenever we lose on any international tournament or contest.

Please keep on supporting Indian Cricket team if you feel for them so strongly, but don't try to justify their failure.

They have failed us yet again!

Anonymous said...

oh wow...wat a post...u mean to say all those who protest do it for fun...or for publicity...sorry boss...they do it coz they luv the team nd wer disappointed by the way they peroformed....except a few points in the post all wer invalid...

we do respect thr emotions...but yet they let us down...nd since v expected a lot v wer up all nite nd watched the match,..

but they lost...

accept it or not they do hav a share in wat v all hav r seeing...dont they...

191 against bangladesh
nd 185 against SL

well played

shud not hav done wat all has been done
instead v shud hav greeted each other...

"hey hi...c how well our country played...waah yaar sachin kya bowled hua...
BANGLADESH ko chance diya yaar...they r our neighbours...

gud job..."

rite ?

Saurabh said...

Mr. lucy please correct the speeling of coomercialization (not commertialization)
its gud that india is out early otherwise they wud have been humiliated much more by SA and Aussies.we could have seen scores of 70-80 allout.but still I agree with you that protests were done just for coming into news,which 3rd class news channels show happily.Fans should go for other means to express least things like burning effigies etc. and threatening families in the protests shud be avoided.

Somayaji Ravi said...

Quite a meaningless post!! Very few valid points!! Lot of unsustainable accusations!

nitesh said...

@ neoriz

i will stick to my point of those who play the game understand it better
(not don't give my harsha example he is exception)
because they will not protests in this way if the team looses

tell me will you deny doing endorsements if some one come to you and offers to pay you handsome money
why don't people agitate against BIG B or king khan when their picture flops , they should stop doing ads and concentrate on monies only
okay I agree they are given government jobs but their life styles has become so high class that it will not be enough

nitesh said...

@somayaji ravi

its my view only
i am not forcing it on any body
share your views also

sorry for the spelling mistake
atleast you agree to my cry against useless protests

nitesh said...


you are saying destruction of houses is right
we should express our anger by entering their homes and destroying them

@ to all

I am not trying to justify their failure
I am also angry at them

you will automatically see that their ads will decrease because nobody remains will the losers

Saurabh said...

yes lucy cries against endorsements are also useless.only performances should be looked at.also if players stop performing well(whch they are doing nowadays).they themselves will lose ads.look at the case of irfan pathan

Raja said...

beautifully written post luthre...i dont know when the people of this country will learn to take things in right prespective....when dont we inderstand that cricket is a game , which must be taken only as game....its not a matter of life and death....the guys who burns effigy will most probably forget this defeat even before the effigy is fully burnt....this defeat againest Bangaldesh will hurt sachin tendulkar not only now, but also 25 years from now too.....
secondly doing ads....well be in no illusion money is very imprtant thing..and its nothing wrong in earning it unless it is done in unfair manner...and morever players got ad bcoz they deserve tat and people also watch them....if they wont perform any company will want them as there brand ambassdor...
Also of cricket overshadowing other games....well last year in world cup hockey we were in 11th TV channel or not so called sports lovers of our country came out and burnt Dileep tirkey or gagann ajit singh effigy???why ??
i m not supporting anybody here...but please take things in Right prespective....changes are required no doubt that...but remember that Rome is not built in a day.....

Anonymous said...

wen did i say destruction of houses is correct...i said that they hav a reason OTHER THAN coming on TV for doing all this....

protest is fine...destroying houses, threatening, etc is not...

HP said...

Funny to see Saurabh correcting someone else's spelling mistake and he himself spelled it wrongly :-)


nitesh said...


he always does like that :-)

Saurabh said...

typing mistake not spelling mistake