Friday, March 30, 2007

And all the roads lead to Anfield....

Amidst all the cricketing action, we are all set to face a sudden splash of an expectedly great contest, when Liverpool takes on Arsenal at Anfield tomorrow. While Manchester United and Chelsea play their 'jump-avoid-six-points' at the top of the table, Gunners and Reds tussle for the still very respectable third place in the premiership. As always, these two teams raise the expectation bar to some level and its always a treat for the fans.

For the gunners, this match is of utmost importance, after getting knocked out of the champions league, losing to Chelsea in the league cup final and facing crucial injury issues time and time again for last few months now, they would like to win this one and end the season on a positive note and on the podium as well.

The reds have their eyes on the upcoming quarter final contest, which is for obvious reasons on the top of their priority list. Driven, by the football field's ubiquitous master Steven Gerrard, Liverpool looks good to win this match on current form, but such games are never meant for prediction and betting, they'd rather be fit as the showcased events of the season.

In last few encounters, Wenger boys have had the better off the Rafa boys; we all remember how they humiliated them 6-3 in league cup on their home ground earlier this year. And won against them 3-0 playing back home at the Emirates Stadium on 12 Nov. in the first of the two premiership matches.

Give cricket some rest, soccer season is now on a high, go go go!!

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nitesh said...

gunners fire bullets again

go gogo

young guns deliver in absence of big shots

Vijay said...

Liverpool leading 1-0 :))

giri said...

:(...........well.....if ever.....there was a not-so-important liv-ars match......this would be it.......not much at stake dude.....except for 3rd place.......but cares