Monday, March 26, 2007

Death and Reincarnation of a cricket fan

Disappointment is obvious, for such a cricket fanatic country an early exit like this is fatal for the faith that we display on these demi Indian gods. They have ashamed us in a disgraceful manner, and it will take us some time to digest it, but then what? When India visits england this summers, we will all be back to our TV sets watching them, loving them hating them. There is no doubt that this is the cheapest form of entertainment of the Indian crowd, and the addiction is enduring. We have hyped them time and time again.

Display of anger may tickle scares in their minds, I dont know if it will help players improve their game(this will make no change at all in the performance), but it may confuse a few 17-18 year old guy who is trying to get in the team, is this game safe anymore for my family?(sounds weird, but its obvious!)

I was shattered when sehwag, sachin and yuvi went on that day. Faith dies in one day, still i don't curse them big time, because I myself don't do as well in my field as they do in theirs(even when they keep disappointing every now and then). But I feel that the kind of hope the whole country has on them, may be they just don't understand what the game means to most of us. Personally, the days when India wins a match, I feel mentally much better than the days we lose. And I am pretty sure that a large part of this nation lies in the same category. When you carry such a huge burden, you better have broad shoulders else you surely will succumb to self-imposed pressure.

there is no fast-food solution to this all, we all know this. We all know our domestic structure, the pitches the politics the infrastructure and the money involved. It wants time and more importantly it wants acceptance from the team and the fans that in spite of having 3 best ODI batsmen of the decade and the great young guns, we can't compare our "TEAM" to the Aussies or the Proteas.

But the inherent cricket fan never dies, I have been trying so hard to move on, just can not! I hope someone is listening to this.

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abhi said...

being an ardent fan myself, i decided to face the reality no matter how it bolts me. Disappointment on the faces of Dravid, Sachin; i had to see all of it. I remember during last edition when they lost in the final, i was broken and wished India wud have missed on final if they have to loose like this, but now i know what it feels like to get ousted so early in World Cup. The trio of Sachin, Dravid n Dada will never appear again, but is this the end of Indian Cricket; shud Sachin retire; shud Dravid step down. We will find answers to these ques. in next month of two. In my opinion, Sachin shud not retire, if he does so right away, ppl will never be able to appreciate his achievements in many years to come. We still worship Gavaskar, Gundappa et al but Sachin may not enjoy the same treatment, even been bigger than all of them, though time has come now to keep him in team only on merit. Moving onto next, if Dravid steps down, we know Sachin wud never take captaincy again, Dada will not be considered; so moving onto options like yuvraj or sehwag may result into more deterioration of Team India. Better start believing in urself, time has come now for them to seriously focus on their game. I don't have any suggestion for them, i think they already have what is needed to be champion, but without luck n grace n ofcourse hard-work n self belief, even god wudn't have created this universe.