Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Trivia: Answers

1. How many modes of dismissal are there in cricket? No this is not the question :) I will make it simpler there are 10 modes

* Caught
* Bowled
* Leg before wicket (lbw)
* Run out
* Stumped
* Hit wicket
Name the remaining four

  • Handled the ball
  • Hit the ball twice
  • Obstructing the field
  • Timed out
2. Who was man of the match in the Final of 1975 World Cup ?
( will give you a sitter hint , he was a West Indian)

Ans: Lloyd scored his century of 82 balls. There was a 149-run 4th wkt partnership between him and RB Kanhai.

3. Another from the first world cup Who was the most economical bowler of the cup?
You should know this .........

Ans: Bedi had 12 overs and 8 maidens vs East Africa.

4. Any guesses what was the lowest score by any batsman in the 1975 cup?
Now don't say duck

Ans : 5
The lowest score on the West Indian scorecard was 5 runs by Viv Richards; the lowest Australian score was 7, which was scored by Rick McCosker and Max Walker.

5. Now this one from the 2003 WC . Which batsman set the highest individual score of the tournament.
Need a hint :)
He was from Africa ...... he he

Ans: Craig Wishart. The Zimbabwean bludgeoned his way to 172 from just 151 balls against the Namibians in Harare.

Desh and kartikeya got 3-4 correct so no one is going to West Indies ....... as a quizmaster I am going to get you more questions :)

Wait for the next

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abhi said...

arre even i answered 4 correctly :x
anyways...regarding that 3rd ques, when u say batsman, u mean only a legitimate batsman or any of the team's 11 players. I looked for 1975 World Cup archives and here is the link of the first scorecard i saw,
Match between Ind n Eng, and AW Greig scored 4 runs.
So, tell me how ur answer is correct?

nitesh said...

may be the source from where i looked is wrong
apologies if it is so