Thursday, March 15, 2007

F1 in FloodLights

night racing

We will soon be watching F1 drivers fighting in the night in flood lit circuits. According to F1 supremo Bernie one or two races are on cards by the end of this decade with most probable candidates are Japan and China or may be surprise Singapore.

F1 circuits designer Hermann Tilke has said that we have got enough knowledge of lighting and camera to stage a night race

“The basic problem is lighting,” he told the Autosport magazine.
“The tracks don’t need to change – you just need to have the space to install the lighting system.
“You also need a certain amount of brightness to allow TV cameras to show the cars property – not as blurry streaks!
“But there have been tremendous developments in lighting and camera technology, so I don’t see it being a problem.”

Night races in Asia will boost the viewership by the Europeans as it will then suite their timings, afternoon time. F1 will be following the Americans racing nascar, indyracing.

Meanwhile Alonso has expressed doubt regarding the safety of drivers driving at 300km/hr during night . He said that
"I did a demonstration in Valencia when we launched the car in January and it was at night and it was extremely difficult to see anything, to see the road.
Lets see will it be exciting or just wastage of more electricity. What are your views on this ??

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