Friday, March 23, 2007

Battle for Lanka

Indians will romp again over the lanka sena just like bhagwan rama did long back when he thrashed the lanka lord.

Main Army

Rama's Army

Ram == Dravid is to team India as rama was to the army . Mariyada Purshottama dravid he has to deliver today and lead from the front. Just like in the lanka battle rama aka dravid will enter the battle late when laxman and his other team mates will have done the initial damage.

Laxman = To me is ganguly as he as mixture of both agression and experience as it was in real laxman

Hanuman : to me both yuvraj and dhoni are like hanumans because they will crush the whole lanka eat their bowlers as hanuman did in ashok vatika and burn the whole lanka with their
awsome batting.

Ravana's Army

Ravana : though their team is leaded by Mahela but to India real ravana is Jayasurya, he can demolish the team India because he has got the power and all the vardans in form of batting strength.

Kumbhkarna: Murlidharan is the sleeping giant though he has not got much wickets in the initial matches but if the ravana is able to waken him up he will destroy us.

Megnadh: Sangakara , with his batting he can demolish the indian bowling , through all bowlers hay wire and then not even sanjeevani booti can save the India. Stop him initially, don't let him settle and our work is done.

Not covering the other heroes of the battle: But all have to put up a brave front

Contrary to desi post in which he said its time for prayer. No its time for battle and we can't loose the battle

And we will win !!!!! What say guys :)

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dk said...

who the hell will be vibhishana???????

nitesh said...

i guess one of the lankan bowlers

u suggest

and who will be sachin ....... i forgot to write about him

desh said...

he is god....above everyone
awesome post lucy

Srinivas said...

Very funny, but Sachin shud be on Rama's side and you already awarded the next best slot of Laxman to with all his 25000 odd international runs and experience, does that make him Jambavantha? With the real Laxman far away at home, this Ramayan faces the danger of a ending differently.(Unless someone "fixes" up a modern "Vibhishana" from the Lankans)
On a serious note, the whole nation will come to a halt from 6:30PM today. Lets just hope a great game of cricket, where the best man winning in the end will hopefully be Indian.

desh said...

yep srinivas.
hey just went thru ur profile, PHD on impact of ICT on agriculture.
You will be happy to know tht all th people runnin this blog come from the same ICT background :)

Raja said...

ohh we are goin to win.... we means India....whether its Ram or Ravan , jesus or Allah....or anyone livin in this land....
we are goin to win and tat too fairly without any of tat match fixing crap..

Srinivas said...

@Desh: I work for my PhD on the impact of ICT's, but unlike most people frequenting such blogs, I don't have "ICT background"

@Raja: In the end your kind of accommodative attitude is what makes us different from the Pakis. We know better where to draw the line between religion and everything else.