Saturday, March 17, 2007

Raikkonen on Pole

Kimi Raikkonen started his stint with Ferrari with a pole position. Alonso had to content with 2nd position.

Session 1
McLaren and Super Auguri shined in this session. Alonso and Hamilton ended this session with 2 and 1 position respectively. Rookie driver Hamilton drove brilliantly. Honda and Toyota were struggling in this session, though Toyota managed to squeeze in but Honda's Barrichello ended at 17th. Surprise package of this session was the performance by Super Auguri's drivers Anthony Davidson and Takuma Sato. Japanese team car is basically a derivation of last year's Honda's car. BMW which struggled a lot in the last year came out with a splendid performance and Kubica and Heidfeld finished in top 6.

Kicked out:
17. BARRICHELLO Honda 1m27.679s

18. SPEED Toro Rosso 1m28.305s

19. COULTHARD Red Bull 1m28.579s

20. LIUZZI Toro Rosso 1m29.267s

21. SUTIL Spyker 1m29.339s
22. ALBERS Spyker 1m31.932s

Session 2
Massa's hopes of getting the first pole of season were quashed in this session when he faced gear box problem and couldn't complete a lap and will start at 16th. Two time champions Renault were lacking the edge to give some stiff fight to the Ferrari and McLaren. Funny incident took place in the session when the Trulli was in the pit lane getting his tyres changed and rear jack remained attached to his car. It was finally dislodged near the exit of the pit lane. Race stewards fined Toyota 2,000 euros ($2,665) for this incident. Button tried hard despite his struggling car but couldn't qualify for the last round. Auguri's Sato surprising all managed to qualify with 10th place.

Knocked out:

11. DAVIDSON Super Aguri 1m26.909s

12. ROSBERG Williams 1m26.914s

13. KOVALAINEN Renault 1m26.964s

14. BUTTON Honda 1m27.264s

15. WURZ Williams 1m27.393s

16. MASSA Ferrari no time

Session - 3

Raikkonen finished the exciting session with his 12th pole of the career. Alonso had to face stiff competition from his team mate Hamilton but the last year winner got the job done for the new and improved McLaren team with 2nd position. Hamilton qualified at 4th in his grand prix debut. BMW will be the team to watch for in 2007 , it has come up with a very improved car and the results were visible with both its players in top 5. Against all expectations after their difficult winter practice and struggling initial session, Toyota got both cars into the top ten. It was celebration time for Sato and Auguri as he finished in top 10.

Top 10

1. RAIKKONEN Ferrari 1m26.072s

2. ALONSO McLaren 1m26.493s

3. HEIDFELD BMW 1m26.556s

4. HAMILTON McLaren 1m26.755s

5. KUBICA BMW 1m27.347s

6. FISICHELLA Renault 1m27.634s

7. WEBBER Red Bull 1m27.934s

8. TRULLI Toyota 1m28.404s

9. SCHUMACHER Toyota 1m28.692s

10. SATO Super Aguri 1m28.871s

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