Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What happens next ?

There is mystery and confusion surrounding things related to Cricket.

Mark Shields, the deputy commissioner of Jamaica police, announced he is treating the death of Bob Woolmer on Sunday as suspicious. An autopsy completed on Tuesday was inconclusive, but investigators were waiting for the results of toxicology tests to see if they helped determine the cause.

Woolmer's room at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel remains sealed.

Now the revelations that Bob Woolmer, their coach, might have been murdered, Pakistan wanted to pull out of their last engagement against Zimbabwe at Sabina Park on Wednesday.

But a forfeit would have plunged the World Cup into further chaos as it would have tied Zimbabwe and Ireland on points. The match doesn't make difference to Pakistan's future in World Cup 2007 because they have already been knocked out of the tournament, but it is hugely significant for Zimbabwe and Ireland, whose progress depends on it.

Ireland are ahead at the moment, with more points and higher net run-rate (NRR), but Zimbabwe would draw level if Pakistan did not play and had a chance to get pass Ireland if Ireland suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of West Indies on Friday. Even if not a heavy defeat, but still in case of a defeat Zimbabwe has a chance of getting through ONLY if they play against Pakistan and beat them. This will allow them to improve their NRR which on the other hand, would not be affected if the game is forfeited.

Current status of Ireland and Zimbabwe in their group :

Group DMatWonLostTiedN/RPtsNet RR

Pakistan team has been ordered to complete their World Cup commitment by Nasim Ashraf, the Pakistan Cricket Board chairman.

Pervez Mir, the Pakistan media manager, had earlier told reporters the Pakistan team management would be speaking to the ICC about pulling out since many of the players were not in the right mental frame to play.

However, he later confirmed the match would go ahead following discussions between the team management and Ashraf, who has resigned from his position, but has not yet been relieved by Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistan president, who is also the patron-in-chief of the PCB.

Source : cricinfo

Its definitely not going good for Cricket. :(

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nitesh said...

any how
any of these teams will be a cake walk for other big shot teams
like SA Aus
and specially those teams which will have 2 points in super 8's

so WI , NZ are in advantage
as they will beat ireland/zim
and if by mistake bangladesh qualify
they are through to semis

but to tell you bangladesh has handed india the cup
you will see on friday we will go to next round