Monday, March 19, 2007

Painful Weekend

Last two days were not good for cricket
Pakistan tumbled India trounced not good for indian and pakistani cricket fan.
I will not like millions of frustrated cricket fans will say bad words about the indian cricketers , just play your natural game even if we loose some wickets initially why you guys go into over cautious mode, score score it will ease the pressure. Give your best in the remaining matches and move into super 8's. Out of 22 votes we got 16 polled for India 2 each for Aus and SA and 1 for other. Now i am changing the poll will india reach super 8's.

Sudden Demise of Woolmer
I am shocked how it can happen. I can't believe so much stress can lead to his death. Coaching the subcontinents team is full of stress.

Retirement of Inzy from odi's
Great player we will miss you, but you deserved a better retirement.

Other bad thing was loss of Arsenal to Everton.
Gunners will beat ManU , Liverpool and even Chelsea but why loose to these teams.

Australian F1
Ferrari was fastest Kimi finished 17 seconds ahead. Exciting season waiting Mclaren and Ferrari fight , renault lacked the pace as of last years. BMW the dark horse team. Hamilton was awesome in his debut.

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