Thursday, March 8, 2007

Speaking Cricket

Last week I was at home for my holi vacations and watched some TV there and found lot of cricket talks going on. Its not a different site in India with news and other channels roping in ex-players and experts for their shows.
One channel has roped in experts from Pakistan: Imran Khan , SA: Barry Richards, India: Ajay Jadeja and from Australia also. They were discussing what strategies should India use in their games of Super 8's to defeat the biggies Aus and SA and other teams also. In the end they were asked to rate India's chances of victory against various team. To my surprise every body gave 9 out 10 chances to India's match against England. I don't know why they thought so probably because of England's week bowling.

Other channel was interviewing the Chief Selector Dilip Vengsarkar and poped out the news of selection of various players despite selectors disapproval of them. Sehwag was one of them Vengsarkar said he was selected only on request of Dravid. Ohh great , since when do the captains have got the right to select players. Kumble was the other one.
In john's autobiography Indian Summers I came to know what happens in a particular selection meeting, how selectors argue to get a player from their zone selected.

Another channel were questioning Niranjan Shah about the Vengsarkar's statement. He questioned the chief selectors right to give such comments in public.

Two channels NDTV and CNN-IBN were interviewing forgotton and again revived like a pheonix player Saurav Ganguly. I couldn't control my happiness when I heard his desire of becomming the coach some time later in his life. I used to dream of dada becoming a selector then BCCI chief after some years and taking revenge for what happen to him last year.But dada don't need that now he has come much stronger and proved once again why he is idol of many persons around the world. Dada has proven the quote of Mohammad Ali
"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses, behind the lines and the gyms out there on the roads long before I dance under those lights."
His hard work dedication and love for cricket and faith in himself has helped him come back even stronger. I wish dada to become the second player after Geoff Marsh to lift the cup as a player and coach , for that India need to win the Cup this WC.
Dada we are proud of you!!!

Greg was also being interviewed by another channel and he gave a punch line Let's do it guys.

Nike ad and other products endorsed by cricket celebrities was also getting aired regularly and new songs encouraging Indian team to lift the cup were taking bigger air time in the music channel shows.

After so much talking cricket ... Lets watch Indian Juggernaut roll in West Indies

3 days to go

Let's do it team

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paranoic said...

yes Nitesh
Cricket is now 20% play and rest blah blah blah. All the people in India except the 11 players in the team are experts, everybody wants to voice an opinion!

Btw how is the book "The Indian Summers"..i'd like to read that..any way you have a soft copy of that?

nitesh said...

i have read that
it was awesome
last 4-5 years were all revived

no i don't have ebook