Wednesday, March 14, 2007

National TT Championships

One of the most played game in India and still one of the most not so recognized game on the competitive level, Table Tennis. the only players I know by name of TT include Poulmi Ghatak, Chetan Babbur and Mouma Das. By the Way TT in Hindi is called,

kasht pattika de pata pat, le pata pat
Leaving all that aside the National TT Championships concluded yesterday with Sharath Kamal and Mouma Das taking the honours respectively in Men's and Ladies categories.

(Sharth and Mouma, ImageSource:The Hindu)

The finals took place at Ajmer and this is the first time I am following any TT event. For more news you can refer to the following,

National TT Championships

Anyway I think with some help from the Media and Fashion experts Mouma can well become the Sania of Table Tennis ;).

What Say???

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nitesh said...

no need for her to become sania of tennis
see how she is performing
so much hype

let das concentrate on her game
enter in top 10
and then we will see

nitesh said...

i guess desi 2 posts a day
preparing hard for google challenge :)
or any other reasons