Friday, February 23, 2007

World after UEFA Matchday 7 - II

Day - 2

A day of spreading immense respect, of gamesmanship talks, of sharing honours, a day of 3 draws and 1 win.

Lyon, ah my favourites, played a respectful draw against host Roma. Roma had problems, extended ones, when they go to France, along with their passports they will be carrying a lot of yellow cards, 8 in all shown to Italians in this match, while the frenchmen got 3. Tough task for Roma to book a birth in the quarters, lets see, all eyes on Totti!

And now THE match of this weekend, lived up all the hype and the defenders face an early exit, Riise and Bellamy (hey, were these the boys last weekend, ahh..shh) shot two painful bullets after Deco gave Barca a great start by putting one behind the net early on. Now, with a lose at home they travel to England, trouble trouble and more trouble, Barca, missing you badly! (Barca 1-2 Liverpool)

Jose's boys must have been looking for a victory, but a decent 1-1 draw gives them relief and atleast no gittery scares, what they need to do is get their act together in next match and move to the next stage, the team that's dying to be European champion, for once, for god's sake, once! (Porto 1-1 Chelsea)

And, the current Italian Champions take on a good Spanish side in Italy, and ends up accepting two away goals from them. A 2-2 draw, which sees Valencia almost through to the quarterfinals, unless Inter comes up with something amazing at Valencia home and Viera's injury adds to the wounds. Crespo, boy, come up with a beauty. (Inter 2-2 Valencia)

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Saurabh said...

valencia wud b in quarter not in semis

dk said...

acceptance, apologies and correction!