Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Formula One Green Revolution : Honda F1

Its the first of its kind.
To spread awareness of the environmental issues which are affecting the planet earth F1 Honda team has come with a new initiative . Its RA107 F1 car will have a huge image of the earth at a place where normally sponsors logos and advertisements and prominent.

img: HondaF1

This is seriously a noble initiative and a call to all the human beings of the earth to take an action before its too late.
As written on the website myearthdream
Our car will race to create awareness of the environmental issues and to encourage people to make a difference to the world around them.
Honda F1 Racing CEO Nick Ray
“F1 is a hugely powerful communication device with audience and global reach only behind that of periodic sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup,” says Nick Fry, Chief Executive Officer of Honda Racing F1 Team. “We believe that F1 with its huge global profile and cutting edge technology can play an important role in not only highlighting the issues but also playing our part in developing solutions.”

We can have our name on the HondaF1 car just by making a pledge. I made a pledge there that i will not leave my appliances on standby and my phone on charge unnecessarily. I submitted the pledge and they will contact me on 12th March

One green revolution changed the future of India , lets pledge that we will contribute in saving the earth.

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desh said...

Founding member teaches us a a lesson or two on writin a perfect post with this one :)

nitesh said...

now don't pull my leg

abhi said...

This season...Go Green!!!

desh said...

no one is pulling your leg
remember initially u wr the Sports god :P

Sports God said...

now this means i am not now

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