Thursday, February 8, 2007

Aao Dikhaye Tumhe Hair ka Funda

Shilpa Shetty's success in Big Brother and in particular after the racial saga has given some hope to the beleagured Darrell Hair. Ex elite panel umpire is planning to sue the ICC and Pakistan Cricket Board for racial discrimination, according to the BBC. In a incongruous way hair has said that he's being persecuted because he's white.

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Nasim Ashraf replied to this :
"I am just flabbergasted. This is the most preposterous thing I've heard, when our lawyer told me we had received a letter from his solicitors accusing the ICC of racial discrimination and naming the Pakistan Cricket Board as a party to this issue. Mr Hair was removed from the ICC panel of umpires because of his bad umpiring and poor judgement. I think this is probably another manifestation of Mr Hair's mental status. I daresay it sounds almost as if he's not only just very impetuous or stubborn, if he made a mistake a man should have stood up and said 'I made a mistake'. For him earlier to have also asked for a half a million dollars during the incident and saying 'look, give me this money and I will simply walk away', and now suing the ICC and naming the PCB as a party for racial discrimination, smacks to me of another bit of, perhaps, opportunism.''
Hair is arguing that he got sacked while fellow umpire and West Indian Billy Doctrove got off scott free proves that he was fired for being white. Ashraf's response to this:
"That is even worse. I read that and just laughed out aloud because it is crass for him to say a black West Indian umpire was let off when he was a white man therefore he was charged. This (race) has nothing to do with it. Mr Hair was the senior umpire and he actually took over that Oval cricket match. I was present there. We have brought to the ICC even before many instances in which Mr Hair had almost brought Test cricket into disrepute by making decisions that were impetuous, hasty, ill-considered and without any basis of fact. And that is why ultimately he had it coming from his umpiring standpoint.''
Stop being boorish Hair. There are no takers for these allegations. You will not be getting the hoola like Shilpa and also sorry no companies are interested in you for advertising their products. Sorry Hair this funda will fail.

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Raja said...

First of all i dont understand this racial stuff...u have got one struggling Bollywood heroine goes to London participate in some B grade TV show got free symapthy for racial abuse, then deny tat stuff...ohhh cut tat crap...wat i feel is clear cut case of cheap comes Mr Hair....why dont he just keep his mouth shut...and starts umpiring in England again....Cricket will be sole benefacial if does so...