Thursday, February 8, 2007

Mourinho Quotes

Ok.......this is my first post.....these are 10 best mourinho's quotes of 2005.....
Give me a couple of days......I will write something original.......

We'll start with a gentle introduction to this year's most controversial
titbits, and a few lines from the outspoken coach in January on his
respect for the ageing Manchester United boss, Sir Alex Ferguson.

"Maybe when I turn 60 and have been managing in the same league for 20
years and have the respect of everybody I will have the power to speak to
people and make them tremble a little bit."


But whatever seasonal goodwill was left over from last year's festive
period, it did not last long, and only a few days later, Mourinho was on
the attack after Chelsea's Carling Cup semi final encounter with United.

"People want a storm but there isn't one. I respect Sir Alex a lot because
he's a great manager, but he must follow the procedure.

"This is nothing against Sir Alex whatsoever. After the game on Wednesday
we were together in my office and we spoke and drank wine. Unfortunately
it was a very bad bottle of wine and he was complaining, so when we go to
Old Trafford for the second leg, on my birthday, I will take a beautiful
bottle of Portuguese wine."

Moving into February, the former Porto coach had some choice words about
the inclement English weather after a rain-soaked meeting with Blackburn.

"During the afternoon it rained only in this stadium - our kitman saw it.
There must be a micro-climate here. The pitch was like a swimming pool."


Mourinho's success at Stamford Bridge owes plenty to millionaire owner
Roman Abramovich, and the boss is fully aware of the limits of his role,
as he pointed out in the month of March.

"If he helped me out in training we would be bottom of the league and if I
had to work in his world of big business, we would be bankrupt!"

Having been left to his own devices on the training ground, Mourinho
succeeded in bringing the Premiership trophy to Stamford Bridge in May,
and came out with this scary premonition.

"This is the start of a process not the end. I want more for me and Chelsea."


But Mourinho could not work his magic in Europe as well, and Chelsea
crashed out of the Champions League in the semi finals. So well be it.

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