Saturday, February 17, 2007

Memoria - I

How many times we get sporting treats that become part of our hard disk, the memories of those moments never fade away. A last minute goal, or a diving catch by a slow fielder, a long volley in a long five set game, or a run out resulting a tie. Too much to handle and too difficult to forget. And the best part is the boomerang action of these events; they visit us strongly and make us feel great about those moments of great excitement. So, we will try to take you on a ride of nostalgia and do the necessary brushing up (ahh, frankly saying its just a feel good drug that we inject to ourselves as we love to talk about the games we have seen.)

1996 World Cup quarter Final

ODI no 1078, 2nd quarter final of the 6th world cup, M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore and a Science exam next morning. India Vs Pakistan and the whole country come at a standstill for those 8.5 hours. I knew it was our day when we(India) won the toss and like we kids always did, India batted first. Oh Sachin and Sidhu, my two favorites gave us a great start, 90 opening runs used to be a great opening stand (remember, the story is based in 1996). Then traditionally we dragged through the middle overs taking singles here and there and forcing us to go for an early tea break, the score soon was 226-5 with Jadeja and Mongia on crease and four days after Holi we saw diwali. Ask a cricket fans date of birth he may take some time, say "jadeja" and "QF 1996" he will shout in less that 2 seconds "45 in 25 balls", its imprinted, won't go now. Waqar bhai, sorry not your day and after making 96 runs in last 60 balls, we get a formidable score 287-8, looks so defendable (I told you it's 1996).

Indians are loyal, they try to give the audience complete worth for their money and when Pak batters came to bat, it looked that Indians will find it difficult to stop Sohail and Anwar as they piled up runs in the restriction overs. And then came the moment, do i need to even mention it? You are already seeing it so clearly in your eyes, that four, that bat flash, that inside edge, that dislodging of bail and that showing him the route. Was too much for a 13 year old at least (I knew my mom would kill me for science exam and I knew I can't miss this match, It's India, a patriot was born that day). Prasad and Kumble looked in good touch and at the other end Malik and Miandad were taking the match to an exciting finish, but they took it to not so disrespectful loss and pakis were bundled out for 249 in 49 overs (1 over penalty, slow Pakistanis).

The amout of happiness that one day gave me is unexplainable. We were on roads like everyone else on our dear Bajaj Chetak eating sweets, ohh, what a festival. We look back and say "those were the times" and I still feel “There is more to come".

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MountCleverest said...

yup, this is definitely among my favourite indian cricket memories of all time...another one wud b sachin's sharjah exploits against the aussie's in the storm/cyclone hit triangular series...
by the way, a 90 run opening stand is still considered good :)

nitesh said...

waiting for the
2003 WC india pakistan match
we watched in college and how we celebrated the victory

digit said...

tell u what, in this match there was this one shot toward mid-on. Azhar ran two steps towards it, with his back to the pitch, fielded with his right hand still standing and threw it backwardly still facing the crowd. All in one motion, the ball didn't cross the circle, and the batsman didn't move an inch. What a moment to cherish!