Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is this the beginning of the End??

Is this the beginning of the End??
That’s was the lingering thought in my mind when they lost to Valencia over weekend , but suddenly after watching them against Liverpool it seems like a reality waiting to just explode.
Sometimes I wonder, who is success biggest competitor, is it fear of failure or something like that, but watching the events unfold at Barcelona I have to the conclude that its success itself which is its biggest competitor. Can you imagine a team which is Spanish Champ plus European Champion and most important of all the world best Football Team, even Jose Mourinho admits that, fighting like that. Something, somewhere is seriously wrong. I don’t know who is at the wrong side nor I am interested in knowing , I don’t care what is happening between Eto and Rjikard , what matters to me is football and at present I don’t think they are playing that good football.
Coming to last Night match Liverpool once again showed why they are considered so esteemed in Europe, they never play spectacular football just keeps the basic right, absorbs pressure and hit other teams on the break. The turning point of the match was undoubtedly the blunder by Valdes, the header by Bellamy was nothing but easy catch, but he made total mess of that. That was the moment which turned the match upside down; it not only gave Liverpool confidence but also completely broke the Barca’s confidence. Second half was no contest, completely dominated by Liverpool.Barca seems like a demoralized side.
Coming to individual performance Momo Sisoko was outstanding running everywhere, Gerrard as usual consistent, Bellamy with his pace always created problems for barca defense, but that golf swing which he did after scoring that goal, will be the one most remembered. Otherwise it was clinical performance by Rafa’s sides.
Barcelona nothing much to write about, deco was brilliant, ronaldinho and saviola good whenever they got the ball. The problem for me was the supply from Mid field which wasn’t up to the mark. Defense has never been Barcelona strength, but if goalkeeper is also in a state of nervous disorder, then it can be a big problem.So is it all over for the reigning champs, not for me …ya its difficult to defeat Liverpool in Anfield, but Barcelona in form can score in any stadium around the world. But the question is of the psychological state they are in, they are looking vulnerable and that is the problem. Eto, in probability will be back for the second leg, is he that crucial link they are missing so badly . Only time will answer that question , but till then we all pray that sanity prevails in Nou Camp because we don’t want the end to happen so soon,as End usually is ugly and Barca plays this Beautifull game real beautifully.

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