Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Something Not Related to sports...

So the system works on the presumption that everyone is a cheat unless you make sure that you are not a cheat. Yet people cheat. So how would you simplify the system? “Please don’t speculate, I am not that intellectual to write that stuff. This in fact was the question asked by Shekhar gupta to Mr. E.Sreedharan, the man behind DMRC in his show “Walk the Talk”.
I don’t remember the answer given by Mr. Sreedharan, but what stuck me was the ingenuity and Truthfulness behind the question. Man it forces you to think, think about the country we are living in and the state this country is in. No its not that we are in pathetic state or after some time we will be in. In fact according to all estimate we are well on the road to development and within some 20-30 years will be a force to reckon with. Great for us …it is…but do you think even then we will be able to answer this question. I have serious doubts about that. Sometimes I really make a huge effort to answer Shekhar query, what can be the reason which prompted him to make such an innocuous looking but still thought provoking remark. In Mr. Sreedharan’s word its nothing but lack of trust; according to him we Indians don’t really trust each other. If you go to US, Europe or anywhere else you will hordes of Indian willing to help you, why not here. What could be the reason for this sort of mentality; one of them can be lack of opportunity in this vast country and to add spice to it is the cut throat competition to succeed. So the question is can’t you succeed without being corrupt, without cheating anyone. Sure you can but it requires quite a lot more hard work, perseverance and when the shortcuts are available why not takes them. Sometimes it looks like a hopeless situation with no way out. But thinking closely something can be done. First of all increase opportunity , try setting up more IITs, IIMs and start upgrading other colleges…Mind you there are much more intelligent students in our country than the 3000 odd who ultimately reaches IITs and IIMs . Next thing would be the devaluation of power, there is an old saying normally used in Wars –“Hit where it Strike most”, corruption always start at the lowest level and then follow bottom-up approach. The easiest way to control this would be to increase accountability at the lowest level of governance, made your corporater to answer things.
Frankly speaking the entire thing I have written is quite abstract, practically not feasible. But still I wrote all this stuff, because Shekhar Gupta’s question hurt me. Really is there any way we can simplify the System??? Think about it guys.

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