Monday, February 19, 2007

Few Moment of Brilliance

The whole of weekend I was thinking what to write, Aaj Tak makes you to write about Madan Lal and his expert comments on cricket, ESPN about Australia demise and PHL, Star Sports about FA Cup, Ten Sports about WWE, Zee-Sports about National Football League and lastly DD sports about the poor old National Games. What a mess I was in, so as usual what happened I couldn’t write anything.
Come Monday I came to office expecting nothing…but then u have a look at sportolysis, read the wonderful articles and the motivation is back. So to keep this inspirational stuff going on I would like to share some defining images which I just can’t ever forget.
Centurion, 2003 World Cup, a dream Match India vs Pakistan –Batsmen on strike Sachin Tendulkar , bowler Wasim Akram , a perfect delivery , pitched just short of good length and was curling in , Little Master goes on to the backfoot and then you heard Robin Jackman’s voice over Microphone “Ah what a shot , this has bisected the gap between Mid Off and Covers ”. This was the best back foot cover drive I have ever seen in Cricket and mind you it still remain the Best. Also that exaggerated follow through by Sachin was the defining moment of World Cup 2003.
From Centurion to Istanbul, 25th May, Champions League Final Milan Vs Liverpool. Milan 2003 champions were the heavy favorites and they seem to be on the path to glory again by smacking 3 goals in the first half against the lackluster and the hapless Liverpool. Second half and nobody even gave them a chance, to score 3 goals against an Italian side is next to impossible. But then comes the 6 minutes of madness , lead by the inspirational skipper Steven Gerrard they score 3 times in 6 minutes to tie the score and they reached the Penalty shootout no one can even doubt the result. Pool were the European champs and that image of Gerrard waving towards Liverpool fans after scoring the first goal was the unforgettable moment of inspiration.
To be continued…………..

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nitesh said...

it seeems we all are in nostalgic mood
all writing abt the past matches
both matches were really great