Thursday, February 1, 2007

Finally something on Cricket

Ayn Rand's Classic, Atlas Shrugged starts with a curious enquiry ”Who is John Galt?. Whenever any foreigner comes to Indian and if by chance he got to see a cricket match or watch a news channel or even got to read any Newspaper the first question he will ask is ”Who is Sachin Tendulkar”. He is the one, whose elbow creates more news and tension than Indonesian earthquake, his lack or runs made entire country to go in mourning as if some ex PM has expired and his Century gave us immense pleasure which can’t really be described in words. In short he is the most loved son of this soil or GOD of Indian Cricket.

But last few years has been really difficult for Sachin. Ageing body never really gave him any chance to get into rhythm, and then a difficult tour of South Africa further compounded his misery and finally our special mentality of creating a Tsunami out of Ripple from anything even remotely connected with cricket made his position even more untenable. The situation has reached to an extent that critics were asking for his head with News channel (I am really frustrated by these damm channels) airing that it is the end of road for Sachin Tendulkar. Now its not that he is irreplaceable but the question is whether he is still adding value to the team or he has become a burden to the team.

For me his value to team is immense infact we can’t even quantify it, his mere presence on the field galvanizes the whole team. He is some one who is above petty politics and everyone looks towards him as a source of inspiration. Just imagine the kind of pressures that guy faces, the roar when he comes on to bat and the death signifying silence when he got out. It’s true that he has changed his batting style but I think it’s more because of team needs, when you have players like Dhoni Yuvraj and Sehwag why did you need someone to go out and do bang bang, in a team of so many stroke players you need someone to play a stabilizing act, and Sachin does that quite admirably, still maintaining a strike rate of above 80.

Now coming to India-West Indies series, which for me has really acted like a blessing in disguise? How???

First of all we won the series, and winning always gives you confidence and momentum which you like to carry forward. Secondly it has given us the lot clearer picture of our world cup final team with the only worry being that enigma known as Virendra Sehwag, for me he has to be in the team, he is match winner who in a very short span of time can change the whole face of the game upside down. The thing team management can do is to play him in middle order. I know this will result in sacrificing either Dinesh Karthik or Irfan Pathan, but in West Indies it will be better to have 3 part time spinners rather than playing one out of touch all rounder. Thus the team with 6 batsmen 1 wicket keeper and 4 Bowlers will my ideal team for the Cup with the trump card being the spin duo of Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh both of whom I think will be difficult to get away on the slow and low Caribbean pitches.

And one last thing don’t forget to miss this year Ranji Final which after a long gap will see two full strength star studded sides battling it out for the top domestic honors of the country. And then there will be one heck of a mini battle between two pillars of Indian Cricket: Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly.May the best one wins (no Bias)

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