Friday, February 2, 2007

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After a long time a series win and that too against WI from whose backyard our downfall started. Thanks to veterans Sachin and Ganguly for coming to our rescue. I guess now the publicity hungry ex-players who now and then are looking for sachin's head saying is he the same sachin ? is his time gone? will shut their sour mouths now for some time. I don't understand a player whose 9000 runs are for victory cause ( read from yesterday's TOI) can blame on sachin saying he bats for himself.

Now coming to main point will cricket hungry india hook back to their TV sets to watch the matches. Thanks to an undemocratic ordinance by the union cabinet making it mandatory for private broadcasters to share live feed, without advertisements, of sporting events of national importance with public broadcaster, Prasar Bharati's Doordarshan and All India Radio. I guess there is only one event of national importance that is cricket presently.

Who has given the right to the Indian government to disrespect a contract between two parties , does is indicates goodness on part of the cabinet. Which MNC or any other company will keep faith in India in which any contracts are made null and void saying they are event of national importance. Does it gives a good indication to the FII's eyeing India. And I don't understand why prasar bharti care taker of mass channel DD-1 which has never tried to improve itself to eat 25% of the profits. Nimbus pays BCCI 500-600 million dollars and prasar bharti says we will keep the 25% profit and give you only 75% because it is an event of national importance.

Is anybody watching hockey our national game??. PHL is shown on espn-star why does prasar bharti now asking for feed of hockey. Parliament our moral police who bans AXN giving unjustifiable reasons like it was showing world's sexiest adds. I think now the Indian Govt. should ban entry of people below 18 to ajanta elora caves.

Govt should try to make more events of national importance by allocating some money to other sports. A mere 500 crores will do nothing . It will only lead to discussions after every four years prior to the olympics where we are ashamed each time.

In my opinion days of 50 overs cricket are numbered. Coming generation , kids below 16 are slowly moving away from boring 50 overs cricket and they are inclining more towards the EPL's and tennis. Even my interest has declined in the past 2-3 years. Gone are the days when in college we used to enjoy the nerve biting indo-pak match shouting Hindustan Jindabad. Seriously think how many rivalries are left in cricket.

England- Australia !! Are you nuts?. India - Pakistan !! to some extent is is still there, if we start playing series every year this will even fade away. There is only one serious contender Bangladesh-Zimbabwe!! . Domination of Australia in the last decade has left other nations blighted by the curse of the likes of Warne's Mcgraths and now Lees and Husseys.

Has anybody thought why lesser players are coming from meccas of cricket in India. I am talking about mumbai, delhi , banglore. The reason is the interest is detiorating and slowly it will come to small towns. As we indians are elusive to change , same reasone was there when BCCI honchos accepted the new Twenty20 format after 2-3 years. We did same while accepting the 50-50 format and played a classic match in which the blaster Sunil Gavaskar made a record which i bet will ever be broken 36 runs in 60 overs.

In just 2-3 years when sachin, dravid, ganguly and kumble the golden era of indian cricket will be gone. Kids have started liking Henrys , Ronaldos, Rooneys , Federers .The game is fast not wasting 9 hours watchin the boring game.

Hope Twenty20 come to rescue and we see USA winning the Twenty20 WC in 4-5 years , then there will be cricket expansion.

Give your views readers !!!

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