Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Cricket & The Blue Billion: Vir Sanghvi

Read this article on Sunday in HT

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Vir Sanghvi has given some views on the mindset of Indian cricket fans and some counterpoints to those who are making huge hue and cry after the Indian cricket team exit from the Cup. Read the article.

I guess this is to some extend echoes my thoughts in this post cricket fans protests & media Hooh Haah

article src: HT


Saurabh said...

Mr. Lucy try to write original posts.but it is gud that you have given support to your views expressed by you in an earlier post.also 1 point that in futball final if zidane had not been sent out they still could have lost the match as french lost the match on penalties in which italians converted all.So it would not have mattered that they are 10 or 11.but still great attitude by french supporters that they gave zidane what he deserved unlike the indians

nitesh said...

mr saurabh

if zidane has not been out then the morale of the team would have been different and result may have been opposite
and anyhow there are many ifs and buts it the game
but game moves on
and saurabh i have not said that this is mine post
this is by vir sanghvi and I want all cricket fans to read this
and understand i wrote my views few days back

giri said...
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giri said...

hey loo-C.........nice article dude......keep'em coming......


1)I agree with saurabh that the french could fact I think would have anyway lost the match even if zidane had stayed....I mean it wont be right to say that "had zidane been there we would have won"........he is not god......and the azzurians are not idiots.

2)One more thing......when the Indian team came back after losing the final in the last world cup.....even we gave them a hero's welcome.....Mr.Sanghvi is wrong over there.........he has compared to completely different cases.....the french were not invited to the president's home when they lost to senegal in 2002 world cup and lost out in the first round........

but anyway......a pretty good article otherwise.....despite a pathetic performance in the last year.......when we lost to the windies 4-1......did not reach the final at malaysia.......played poorly in the champions trophy......were absolutely thumped by the proteas.....

probably we were blinded by the home victories against sri lanka and windies.......but srilanka was without vaas and murali......

4/03/2007 10:20 AM

nitesh said...

feeling deep pain regarding what is sachin bearing