Monday, April 9, 2007

Spanish La Liga- How close can it get

Now when we are hovering around the end of the football season, we can easily pick up the most competitive league of them all, its La Liga. With Manchester United and Chelsea making the EPL a two horse race, Inter already miles ahead of the rest of Italian clubs, Lyon 17 points clear of the runner-ups, Spanish league has no clear winner as yet (Bundesliga is the only other league with such competition left with top 4 teams, Schalke, Werder, Stuttgart and Bayern separated by six points with 9 matches left.).

Team Pts GP W D L
Barcelona 56 29 16 8 5
Sevilla 55 29 16 7 6
Real Madrid 54 29 16 6 7
Zaragoza 50 29 14 8 7
Valencia 50 29 15 5 9

And the table speaks for itself, how close can it get. Six points separating five top teams. Already knocked out of the prestigious Champions trophy, the defending Spanish champions Barcelona aren’t having quite a good time as last year. But, they are still holding first place, but only just, specially after losing their crucial encounter against Zaragoza this weekend.

Sevilla, on the other hand have played amazing football all the season, driven by leading goal scorer Kanoute(19 goals) and they are looking to bring the 61 year draught to an end. They are just one point behind Barcelona and have all the potential to toggle them off the throne, a draw this weekend against Racing keeps them at number two. And UEFA cup quarter finals keep them motivated but busy!

The team that is always in news for all reasons is in news for a better display of the game; inspired by flamboyant Robinho Real Madrid’s vicory over Osasuna sees them at number three eyeing the two point away first place. Knocked out of the champion’s trophy, La liga is all they have to fight for now, Unpredictable in both directions, that’s what I can say about them!

Valencia, the team holding Spanish fort in the champion’s leagues sits at 50 points, and has the mettle to surprise bigger teams. Holding Chelsea 1-1 at Stamford Bridge would have given them a lot of confidence, and winning the home encounter against them in the quarter finals is an obvious priority for them, but its not a side to be taken granted for any reasons.

Zaragoza and Atletico de Madrid are at 50 and 47 respectively, and thus the whole recipe for a great climax is ensured. Nothing more one can say, comment or write, just wait and watch and keep thinking ‘How close can it get?’

By the way, my Money on Sevilla!!!
Go Sevilla Go!!


nitesh said...

even epl has got more interesting
with 3 points gap between the top 2

and fight for 3/4 b/w liverpool and arsenal still on

and god please give some luck to gunners, yaar how many chances they missed in that game

Raja said...

the beauty of this beautifull game is its unpredictability.....barca the whole world know is struggling still there are at the top...whenever they loses point sevilla also loses .....i think there are 5 teams which are separated by 6 point.....i wouldnt dare to predict the winner this time....but still i feel tat barca might just hold on:)

dk said...

nothing gets closer than this!
EPL has all the hype and yea the top two teams are feeding the football fans enuf excitement but la liga rules!
Now i just want serie A to get back to normality i love the inter,ac,juve and roma tussle!

nitesh said...

dk you are right bro
but juventus will need atleast 1-2 years to come in seria A