Monday, April 16, 2007

Hamilton vs Alonso vs Kimi

It has become a three way battle now. Kimi Alonso and Hamilton are all tied at 22 points each in the 2007 F1 season. Lewis Hamilton who has now become the blue eyed boy of the F1 circuit with three back to back podium finish thus becoming the first driver in history. The gap between Mclaren and Ferrari is swinging like a pendulum with Australia going in favor of Ferrari , Malaysia going Mclaren way but in Bahrain the gap has closed any one could have one. Hamilton was just 2.5 seconds behind Massa. Even BMW is slowly closing in with its drivers finishing at 4th and 6th.Nick Heidfeld battled both Kimi and Alonso and finally overcame Alonso to finish 4th. Now get ready for European sojourn with challenging monaco 2 races away.

And congratulations to all those who polled for Massa 4 votes, 2 each for Kimi and Hamilton and 1 for Alonso
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