Friday, April 20, 2007

Cricket Drama

A lot has been happening in the cricket field and outside the cricket field in the past few days. World cup is nearing its end , semi finalists are already decided SL vs NZ and Aus vs SA. Both matches will be awesome , though most will put their bets on 1996 final repeat i.e. between Aus and SL but when i remember the 434 run chase by the SA I am forced to think otherwise they can beat the Aussies and they would like to do so and remove the chokers tag. NZ team of team players not individual performances but time styris has come out from the stack of players and is shinning like a pole start in the team. Possibility of NZ vs SA final cannot be ruled out but my personal favorite is Sri Lanka and i will put my money on them to lift the cup and restore the Asian Supremacy in cricket atleast.

England's coach Fletcher has resigned, In my opinion england never ever had any chance to reach the semis, they are not the team. Initially they had matches against the minnows and got some points. More concentration on the Ashes and less efforts on the odi side has lead to this downfall, we all know they played the champions trophy for formality. Vaughan should not be in the new team, he performed miserably.

West Indies , i would reckon them little bit unlucky because they got their tough matches in the initial stages and probably this also affected their morale to some extent though not fully. They played badly also. We would no longer see another great Lara, initially he said he will retire from ODI but now he has decided to say bye bye to cricket.

In our neighbor Shoaib Malik is made the captain, they ignored Mohammad Yousuf again. I wish he would revive the trouble ridden Pakistani team.
Indian team for the Bangladesh team will be announced today. I expect Sachin and Ganguly would be rested ( some would say dropped) no India has to play lot of cricket in the coming months so we need them fresh. Bhajji and Sehwag are expected to be dropped . We will know the team in few hours.

I read in ET yesterday that ESPN Star will force the ICC to cut the television rights amount by 15%, this is due to poor performances by India and Pakistan in this WC and also next to next WC will be in Aus/NZ , so the matches will be played very early in the morning

Lots of happening on and off
Lets enjoy the final round of the WC

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giri said...

next wc in aus???

nitesh said...

ohh not next but next to next
and the contract is covering that also