Thursday, April 19, 2007

No ASIAD in Dilli: to lado bacchu

Ok, so now its Fool n Final that we are not going to host the 2014 Asian Games. Its going to be some Korean City touted by Suresh Kalmadi as a united bid for the games where as our bid was a divided one.

Some questions for Mr. Kalmadi,
  1. Enough is enough when will you resign from the Indian Olympic Association?
No more questions, actually this one is enough, all other questions on health of Indian Sports, involvement of Politics in Indian sports, no use asking them as Mr. Kalmadi must be bored of it. Anyway I didn't quite like the tussle going on w.r.t to the bid between Mani Shankar Aiyar and Kalmadi. In a way me with Aiyar that lots of money will be saved. In a nation with farmers struggling to make up with rising debts there is no need to boast of anything, especially of our not so good skill-set involving Olympic sports.

Its true that sports brings good times to a nation, but its not that if don't get an event we should be disappointed at it. I thinks its time for Kalmadi to bid adieu atleast after the Commonwealth in Delhi, because even if you are an efficient administrator, a rot starts developing (exceptions like Bernie Ecclestone).

Lets hope we fight for some medals not for getting the bid.

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