Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Embarrassment, Pride, Despair, Boomerang.....

....Roma, ManU, Valencia, Chelsea respectively.
UEFA Champions league Quarter finals second leg, a lot of curiosity and expectations and an exaggerated result in the match that we were lucky to see, courtesy ten sports. After losing 2-1 in Italy last week, Manchester United had different plans and they never would have expected them to work so blissfully, we all make guesses and nobody could have guessed that the scoreline would be as strange as 7-1. Carrick began the assault with a great strike from outside the box, followed by goals from rooney, smith and ronaldo. Suddenly the scoreline read 4-0 and the 'who reaches the semis' excitement almost died and it was visible that Romans knew it. The second half was no different and ManU continued to haul Roma, as Carrick and Ronaldo completed braces and score was 6-0 with some time to full time left. A cross from Totti and a good first touch from De Rossi displaced that lone zero to one, but there was no reason for a smile, forget the celebrations. Substitute Evra joined the list of Goal scorers and made Roma players feel as bad as they could and the final whistle finally blew at 7-1 and ManU are through to the semis.

And, Chelsea! Boy, they are having some time. Conceding an away goal in their home match against Valencia(1-1) they certainly were under some pressure last night and Morientes made things tougher by helping Valencia draw first blood and the aggregate became 2-1 Valencia leading. And when Chelsea came back from the half time snacks (the world has all the rights to know what pills Jose has for metamorphism), and early in second half Shevy pulls one back and its even-stevens in the quarter finals. And when it looks like a great stage for an normal time stale mate followed by extra time and perhaps penalty shootouts Essien wraps it up by a traditional 90th minute Chelsea goal, toggling the last Spanish team out of the champion’s league and booking a place in semis for themselves.

And the English authority over European football redefined last night!


paranoic said...

Manchester United for Life!!

paranoic said...

Reaffirming the notion that English football still remains the best, now also for all the good reasons.
For all those people who love Spanish or Italian(i seriously doubt any rational human being would love Italian more) more, now you can be yourselves and start loving the English game as deep down inside you also know that
"English Football and Manchester United are the best"

dk said...

the author has no prejudices :)
and at least no brit attraction. (italian rox :P)

nitesh said...

no Man U paronoic
you will see arsenal revival soon
let their war horses recover from injury

then you will see

giri gunners fan where are you