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Arcane world of transfers - < Football outside the field>

Arcane might be a slight exaggeration but true.I say this because of my own inablility to comprehend it completely as yet.I just wish to provide with an insight into the market of transfers for noobs who would like to wish to know more than just football.Transfers are perhaps the most exciting aspect of the club competitions and the fact that they are being played more extensively as compared to the international matches makes transfers really important as well.They are an important reason for football being almost as eventful on the outside of the field as it is inside.

A manager is the linch-pin on which the team's overall management and hence the results, to a certain extent, depend. As is in the transfer market, it is the shrewdness of a manager that gets him the better players as compared to his peers. Considering a basic flow, every player like the manager is bound to a contract signed by him with the team management.

There are two ways in which a player can move out of the club

- When the contract expires, the player is free to join other clubs or may even be given an option to sign a renewed contract by the team management.
- Other being to get transfer listed by the team management i.e. the manager

Being transfer listed is an open announcement to the football world that the listed player is available for sale. This may happen due to various reasons. Player neglect by the manager leading to player unhappiness and asking to be put on a transfer list is one reason. The other may well be the more lucrative offers the player has from other clubs and wanting to leave the club. Finally a dissent between the manager and the player due to ego-clashes can leave a player on the transfer list.

Transfer windows are the only periods in an year where players can be transferred between the clubs. There are two transfer windows in an year starting 1st January to 1st February and 1st July to 1st September. Even if a club buys a player at a time other than these two, the deal will finally go through in these windows only.

There are various ways in which a player gets transferred. The player can permenantly move out from one to another club or the player can go on a loan or the two clubs can co-own the player. We 'll look at those aspects some other time. Coming back to the transfer lists, it is not essential for a player to get transferred only if he is transfer listed. Managers wanting to buy players may offer to the clubs for the player and if the club and player agrees, the deal goes through.

Usually the strikers and the forwards cost the most followed by midfielders and defenders. The goalkeepers come last. But it is no rule as there are defenders and goalkeepers in the all time highest transfers. A player's value is maximum at an age of around 25-28. It is at this time the player is at his peak and hence the value. As he gets older, the price goes down. Here is a list of some of the greatest transfers ever.

Rank Player From To Transfer Fee(£ millions) Year

1 Zinedine Zidane Juventus Real Madrid 45.62 2001

2 Luis Figo Barcelona Real Madrid 38.7 2000

3 Hernan Crespo Parma Lazio 35.5 2000

4 Gianluigi Buffon Parma Juventus 32.6 2001

5 Christian Veiri Lazio Internazionale 32.0 1999

6. Andriy Shevchenko AC Milan Chelsea 30.0 2006

7 Rio Ferdinand Leeds United Man United 29.1 2002

8 Gaizka Mendietta Valencia Lazio 29.0 2001

9 Ronaldo Internazionale Real Madrid 28.49 2002

10 Juan Sebastián Verón Lazio Man United 28.1 2001

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