Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rooney, Kaka! Kaka, Rooney!

The fight for European supremacy continues as Milan took on Man U in England in the first leg of UEFA Champions league’s first semifinal last night. Manchester united, injury struck and card struck came on without Gary Neville, Ferdinand and Vidic and Evra and Heinze took the defensive responsibilities. Milan knew that they just have to hold the fort in this match and with all the injuries and cards ManU will have a tough task in the next leg.

Saurabh, anand and dk decided to run a parallel game of scrabble as the referee blew the whistle, we set the board and got ready and then came the noise, GOAL, already. Five minutes in the game, and a Ronaldo head gets the ball behind the bars. Controversial though, whether it should have been a Dida own goal, who in attempt to keep the ball away from heading Heinze touches the ball in the net. Manchester united one up.

I am always on the losing side when Saurabh takes on scrabble, but it was my lucky dayJ, Saurabh was already angry on Man U’s pass-it-long tactics as I made progress. And suddenly we discovered God, Kaka, making the defence realize that they lack some players, single handedly took one to the brink and finished it beautifully. 22 minutes in the game and its open yet again. Saurabh happy, anand happy and Vivek gets up.

Kaka makes his presence felt again and doesn’t take long to do the same, 15 minutes later, on again he dodges the defenders, leaving Heinze and Evra colliding, one on one with Van Der Sar makes it 2-1, beautiful goal!! On away ground Milan is leading inside the first half and scrabble lays secluded in some corner of our room, poor game!

Soon with a carry over yellow card already, Evra gets himself booked, making the Milan visit next week a tourist bonanza as Milan pushes them. Half time changes, discussions, strategies happen and Man U strikes back in 59th minute. Rooney gets it for his team making the score 2-2, game on! (I am winning a scrabble game for the first time, yo yo yo)

A yellow to Kaka, one to Giggs, one to new kid Bonera, the game looks all set to go winnerless, Rooney gets the crowd erupted by hitting one in injury time, and I have won my first game J and Manchester united pulls this game back from behind leaving behind the Kaka-embarrassment to strike a claim for the European championship.

Is it going to be a complete Chelsea Vs Man U season everywhere, let’s find out tonight!

Image source : UEFA

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nitesh said...

eyes permitted me to watch till 1-1
but today i saw the goals
they were awesome
specially the last one by rooney

will try to watch the liverpool ve chelsea one :)

my stand is neutral on this match

desh said...

me too watched till 1-1 but great game, saw th goals later