Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dream 11 : World Cup 2007

Yesterday giri posted his dream 11 of the 2007 WC the longest one
So here's mine


Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s

1)GC Smith :

9 9 1 441 91 55.12 419 105.25 0 5 0 55 6
I find him among the most dangerous players when he is in flow he can devastate anyone

2) ML Hayden

8 7 1 477 158 79.50 437 109.15 2 1 0 52 15
He has to be there

3) Kallis

9 8 3 480 128* 96.00 569 84.35 1 3 0 42 7
Awesome all rounder , is among runs in the cup , strong contender for Man of the series

4)Jayawardene (Captain)
9 9 1 414 85 51.75 516 80.23 0 4 0 29 7

He has leaded from the front, we have seen his captaincy against India and i have become a fan of him when he followed the tactics of not exposing murli and vaas to the Aussies, no matter ponting what you say regarding this move but Sri Lanka is the team that can beat the aussies hands down, ya I mean it ( they can crush the Aussies)
So he is my captain over Ponting

8 7 3 435 111* 108.75 538 80.85 1 4 0 38 3
He is my man of the series, batted superbly against the lankans as giri wrote. He has to be in the team.

6)Gilchrist (wk)
8 8 1 302 59* 43.14 325 92.92 0 2 0 45 2
other option could have been boucher but we need to attack at this time and gilly can attack at any time far better then any other keepers.


Pace and economy both are in him, far far better then tait


9) Andre Nel

5 45.2 5 186 11 5/45 16.90 4.10 24.7 0
I don't know why i choose him , but he can get you wickets very easily

6 43.2 3 214 15 4/54 14.26 4.93 17.3 1 0
Got injured otherwise would have got the highest wickets.
We need aggression and he has it

8 61.5 4 283 20 3/14 14.15 4.57 18.5 0 0
Living legend, no need to write more

12) Vettori
13) Pieterson

This is my team
I don't know how is it

Any changes are welcome :)

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abhi said...

not sure how/why, but even u r not sure of ur own team.
This WC has given us many heroes/old warhorses that first time since 92, i m not sure who will be Man of Tournament. Everybody is doing their bit, Kallis n Smith for SAF, Styris for NZ and even Sanath is not bad.

Okay don't bother if u consider me freak, but somehow i feel that choosing WC XI is never a good idea. Any idea why ICC don't come out with WC XI, when they come out with World ODI XI n Test XI every year.
Thr can't be 1 single reason. Recall Titan Cup, the final was in Mumbai and out of the blue (now i think it was because of Tendulkar) that Manjerakar was included into side against SAF. And we have seen similar example here. Mahroof is a good utility player, but when it comes to playing against India, they opted for Fernando and we know now what he did that day.
So a lot of things depends upon the playing condition, opposition n all.
Let me justify all this crap. Take Pietersen, ODI rank #1, we know he is dangerous. But if this WC XI team playing against Sri Lanka or India, I will never take him. Reason, he just can't read spinners well.
Next thing that just came to my mind is that make the best team rather than making the team of best players. Take Malinga and play him against Sri Lanka...not a good idea right.

Saurabh said...

Mr. Lucy kindly arrange the stats in a way in which we can easily understand.and also u need to brush up your english grammar.
and Mr. chaut why malinga shud not play against SL.they dont play fast bowling well.things like they know his bowling etc. should not matter

nitesh said...

abe meri grmammar ki leta rehta hai tu

this i wrote in a hurry
sorry for mistakes

but next time i will be careful

nitesh said...

saurabh i can read the stats very clearly

top titles
then stats