Sunday, April 8, 2007

McLaren All the way :: Ferrari Toppled

privileged to post the 150th post, soon we will break the 200 run barrier :)

As i expected in the Sepang F1, it was Mclaren all the way from start of the race till the finish. I missed the qualification round due to some misunderstanting of the time, I read the Honkong time and was waiting eagerly for the qualification to start a 2.00pm IST, but in wain, ringed prasoon asking was there any delay ohh boy he told me it was already over and you know these Indian news channels who don't cover other then Cricket.
But today I was ready on time this time no mistake , awsome start I have ever seen since I started watching the F1 2-3 years back. Alonso pusing Massa back and Rookie Hamilton who drives like a pro pipping both Massa and Kimmi to make it 1 2 for Mclaren in the first sector of the first lap. Massa tried a lot to pip Hamilton and later on it was Kimi who pushed Hamilton hard but no hamilton was not a easy nut to crack and in the end it was 1 2 podium finish for Mclaren after long time.

Renault I guess has stopped investing in its car , I was shocked to see them starting at 11 and 12 place, but they some how salvaged some seeing Fisi at 6th. F1 guys efforts are showing up now , as now its not easy for ferraris and mclarens there is now slight difference between the cars , you can see the difference between them in the yesterday's qualifying.
Great Going F1
Lets move to Bahrain ........... Welcome to Arab World

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paranoic said...

one mistake from Massa leaves the Ferrari way behind McClaren....a difference of 9 points now !!

nitesh said...

he drove badly