Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Politics:: Cricket:: Culprit:: Verdict

In the last few days specially on Monday there was lot of hullabaloo after India lost to SA and when once again our respectable media to make news ( as they don't have any ususally) highlighted chappel quote again and again .
chappel said to MP's " they are doing what they are paid for".

There were protests whole over the country kaif's home was damaged everything was done by people who i fell don't know anything about cricket and just to come in news as our media is always ready to highlight them.

So where is the problem and who is the main culprit


1. Where are bouncy pitches in India.
For the last 40-50 years nothing has been done to improve the pitch conditions in India even after recommendation of pitch committee every time and you guys expect them to win in SA where they have never won.

2. No CEO culture in BCCI
One of the richest sports body in world does not have a CEO, there is no need for a blueprint which will decide the targets for the year and you say we are a corporate body.

3. Biased Selection.
players are selected on the regional basis not on merit and India expect the guys to win. Dinesh Karthik playing as batsman with gambhir not in team what does it shows. Why was jaffer selected just because he is from bombay as is our chief selector. Laxman do not performs in one match and he is thrown out and raina etc are still selected. Selectors said laxman is not physically strong enough while selecting team for SA and now he is rushed to SA when dravid got injured. Some one explain me how can a player suddenly become fit..... golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai ..

4.Base is missing
Do anyone watch Ranji matches? No why...? only top layer is watched and you say cricket is heart of india. Something must be done to make ranji interesting and force the India team players to play in local matches also like in Australia. Who will do this BCCI.

5. Politicians in BCCI and Sports
What is sharad pawar doing in BCCI just because it is big money churning body.Even though there are one billion experts of cricket in India but still let the body be run by ex-cricketers only not by politicians. You pick up any sports and find politicians as there head and they keep on ruining the game. Be it Gill in hockey Chautalas in TT and many other ( it will need a another big post to highlight them).

6. Is this perform and earn right.
It is correct when the body first imprves itself not before. When the person who run the puppet show is wrong why blame the puppets. Shukla ji (VP BCCI) do something from your side also.

Another culprit


1. Over hyping everything.

15-16 indian news channels don't have any news to show, one will find the same news whole day be it cricket or any other. Politicians were encouraged shout by showing the chappel reply again and again and this lead to the misintepretions of the quote and gave them topic to discuss and to media the much needed masala news.

MP's discussing cricket -----------
we know what the 540 guys sitting in parliament do wasting 20-30 lakhs in one hour session, shouting , not letting the preceding run properly and who has given them the right to demand removal of chappel and sharad pawar.. its media as it give them cheap publicity.... If they care so much about sports then why penny is given in sports budget ( i guess they don't care) some 500 crores only and that is mainly wasted on funding the relatives of the politicians who accompany as officials in olympics, asian games etc.

I would love to hear sachin Tendulkar saying remove Sonia Gandhi and UPA supremo and let natwar singh be leading.

Instead of showing the MP's the media should telecast shows showing how free are our MP's, they don't want to discuss other important topics like FDI's , quotas but they want cricket.

Politicians you do your work as you have done in last 50 years in terribly slow speed and let others do theirs.What you can do is leave alone all the sports of India then I am sure in 4-8 years we will win atleat 5-6 golds in olympics and a world cup in cricket. ( this include sharad pawar also)

Verdict from my brain and heart...

India will loose again in 4th ODI, let them loose for 5-6 months indians will start looking towards other sports so the corporates will and this will tremendously help the other sports

Responsibility on sehwag and he will hit a century and india will bounce back with a victory.

what do you think guys ......... views

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Bhavesh said...

i think the primary problem plaguing cricket is the lack of any other saleable sport in the country.. all the problems that u mentioned are offshoots of the problem in the skewed moneytary structure of sports in india.
whr thr is free money to be made, u will hv politicians, media, corruption and exploitation.. and since money is flowing in without any hiccups, they do not feel the need to improve the quality (of cricket/pitches/broadcast content, etc)
just a personal opinion.

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