Thursday, November 23, 2006

Nobody's surprised!

Yesterday only i was watching some domestic match on neo sports, there was this slow flighted spin bowler bowling, ball coming to the knee roll...or below, and the batsman hammering him sitting down, right out of the ground. The captain makes a change and brings back his quickest bowler, probably on the fastest guys around, and he bowls his heart out just to see that there is no help from the soil, no bounce, no speed and the invariable pitch helps the elegance of cover drives and square cuts. This batsman may expect a call from Mr. Vengsarkar to be a part of Indian dressing room in coming days, thanks to the current disarray of Indian batting line-up currently, just to face the fierce pace of Ntini and Nel on some tough bouncing pitch with the spice of ball movement and solid bowling attack.

India succumbed to yet another disastrous tour beginning, but the way Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar got out, there is no point blaming the captain, the coach or the selection committee. We need to give all the credit to the South African team, specially their bowlers for their splendid performance and more importantly their intelligent thought process, because they knew that if someone can win a match in Durban for India its Dravid or Tendulkar, once they are out, just wrap it up and rush to home, wives waiting. But the issues that still remains is that 'Are we ready for fast pitches yet?', after innumerable wake up calls the situation in domestic cricket doesn't change. The slow tracks are killing us, its time to do some thinking back home, unless something is really executed for long term, this is bound to happen time and time again. And for short term, yes, calling back some more experienced guys may help, but if Sachin, Rahul, Dhoni are suffering, I wouldn't be surprised to see others following the same. I am still optimistic like Sunil Gavaskar who quoted post match that this is how India starts every overseas tour and we must wait for at least one more match to make any comments. For me, I can see trouble for the Indian cricket team in the next couple of months. And I would love to get happily shocked and surprised if that doesn't happen.


desh said...

I don't know if thr is hope. Its all the same i mean the overseas tours of India. We have so many over the years. So many disasters. But the things are getting on my nerves. I think we overall have lost interest in Cricket as compared to few years back. Don't you think we were much more excited then about the game.
I dunno but still nothing will happen this world cup too, we will be screwed up.
And leave the pitches abroad, we cant play properly at home nowadays.

enginerd said...

Wives waiting??? Come on, it has to be "Endorsements waiting".

dk said...

acceptable desh
whatever you said...
but u must agree to the fact that Indians are amazingly(ill add unfortunately as well) unpredictable, and there is no denying fact that inspite of all the hoo-ha we still have some of the best batsman world cricket has ever envisioned, and before the windies tour the same team was going great guns, we made the most consecutive chases this year, and may be this tour reminds of the kiwi tour before 2003 WC(look i m optimistic..a lot) and there is smthing out of it.......
but, currently the situation is bad

dk said...

i was talkin abt the proteas when i said wives waitin :)

Nitesh said...

sorry guys I also posted on this same topic

enginerd agree with you
endorsment waiting
or hungry for maggi

time for packing your bags chappell coming

desh said...

too bad...kiwis were playng on prairies, this aint one, they can't play whether its a sahara pitch or a good pitch like yday