Tuesday, November 14, 2006

EPL – My 5 picks

The Fives that kept us talking, for highs or for downs, for expectations and for under performances, for stunners or for the misses, this is the pleasure and this is pain. Penning down my five and you are welcome to tell about your fives.

5 Clubs

1. Portsmouth: From 17 in the table to a respectable (but not threatening) 6, Portsmouth does a good job this season so far. Report cards smiling.

2. Manchester United: Right at the top of the table, celebrating success and eras. The stars need to shine and currently they are. Watch out Chelsea, EPL isn’t dead.

3. Liverpool: As unpredictable as the line ups thrown per match by Rafa Benitez, the 05 European champions have a lot to prove, for no one else, but for their innumerable fans all over the world. Come on Stevie wonder.

4. Reading: Right in right there, beating spurs lately, fighting it out with both the current table toppers, this new kid on the bloc looks far better than a "right in from relegation" team.

5. Newcastle United: 4 times landing in top three in last decade or so, the club looks too tired to continue at the top level. Testing times, for the team and for the manager.

5 Managers

1. Jose Mourinho: Dare take this name of any list of managers. The good, the bad and the ugly. And my favourite question is “Hey, when is he giving his next interview”.

2. Sir Alex Ferguson: Twenty years, Man U currently winning and game on. All due respect for the great manager of a great team. Ssshhh!!!, not the best time to talk about the losses against Kopenhavn and southend lately.

3. Arsene Wenger: See Arsenal recent games and you’ll have all sympathies for one person and that’s Mr. Wenger. Sometimes it looks that in one of the matches when after all the amazing-goal-making by the arsenal team, no one scores, Mr wenger will substitute himself in, just to try.

4. Steve Coppell: This guy is looking after a kid amazingly. Keep the players happy and they keep you smiling. An A in the grade sheet.

5. Alan Pardew: Now when we have strated playing well, why shouldn’t I be exited, someone explain this to Mr. Wenger. Big and controversial transfers, hollow results. West ham, surprise us.

To be continued…..

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Nitesh said...

where are gunners my friend
i guess u forgot the 3-0 rout of liverpool by gunners,they are right up at 3 now after slow start