Friday, November 10, 2006

Tennis Spectacle in Madrid

It's a tennis spectale in Madrid alright as it hosts season ending WTA Championship with the world's top eight take to the court. The added incentive: The year-end number one slot still up for grabs and three of the eight with a chance to snap the top-slot!

But it isn't all tennis that's making headlines at Madrid. With eight gussied up women tennis stars, including Maria Sharapova, and Kim Clijsters, and Martina Hingis, there's bound to be more.

Purple courts!

Or is that lilac? (I haven't been all that good in giving names to colours and so, if you happen to know the colour by any other name, do let me know in the comment.) If you thought US open's blue courts were 'happening', what about purple???

Belgian Justine Henin-Hardenne looks to return on the "purple" court. Image Source:

And apparently Maria liked purple a tad too much!

Maria Sharapova in purple on the "purple" court. Image Source:

And the Ball Boys!

If the men's tournament at Madrid Masters can have model ball girls, why not the women's event? The tournament has 34 model "ball boys", with their duties being used in 1 match a day!

And by the way, who did the tournament organizers fly in to select this gang of model ballboys??? It was none other than Maria Sharapova!

Picture: Maria Sharapova poses with male models. Image Source:

And some Neon-Night Tennis

If coloured courts and male mode ballboys was just adding some colour and spice on court. How about some Neon-Night Tennis?

black tennis court illuminated solely with UV light, 8 players wearing neon clothes, a bright ball and background live DJ music. That is something!!!

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desh said...

I want to be a ball boy someday in Maria's match :)