Monday, November 27, 2006

Jose Quotes !!!

After the 1-1 draw between the premiership match between the current leaders of EPL Manchester United and Chelsea at Old Trafford, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho predicts that it will go down the wire. He states :-

"To go to the end of the season with a difference of six points maximum is the reality of the Premiership and the reality between two big teams," said Mourinho, whose side are still three points behind United."

"For me the surprise is what we did last season, with 10 or 12 points difference. For me, this is not a surprise - but I think we are ready and we can go all the way."

"The good thing for me was the mental point of view. We came here and go home with the same distance. No way would a six-point gap kill the Premiership with five months to go, but six and three is a difference."

"I think the result is deserved, because in the first half they were the best team and they scored - and in the second half Chelsea were best team."

"When the game had finished I exchanged quick words with Sir Alex and we agreed the result was very, very fair."

"What was wrong in the first half was maybe the mental aspect of the game, and we were waiting for things to happen. We did not show a lot of ambition, but it looks like a new game in the second half."

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